dress differently





All day



I didn’t realize the power and importance of this act until I did it yesterday.

I’ve been thinking about updating my wardrobe for a while now. I’m tired of wearing ready-to-wear clothing made by robots. I’m tired of wearing what everybody else is wearing.

I want my clothes to be unique, different.

And I want them to reflect my Moroccan identity; because I think it would be a huge loss for humankind if local cultures and costumes were lost to the profit of big apparel chains and interchangeable pieces of fabric.

I want my clothes to be comfortable and allow me to live a normal modern life: drive, work at my standing desk, walk fast, be warm enough when it’s snowing, etc.

This change is easy on paper.

In real life it’s a bit different. So far, I’ve encountered 4 main obstacles:

  1. Distance: I live in the US and the only time I can update my wardrobe is when I go to Morocco in the summer.

2. Time: when I am in Morocco, I want to spend time with my family, not shopping or going to the dressmaker.

3. Selection: in Morocco, there are a few brands that offer modern apparel with traditional cultural touches but I still need a few pieces made to order, which takes us back to points 1 and 2.

4. Myself: and this is the biggest obstacle. Wearing the same clothing as everybody else is easy. You put your clothes on and get out. You don’t have to face the look of others because you’re dressed differently. You don’t have to justify yourself when people ask you if you’re wearing a carnival costume. You don’t have to feel different. It’s easier to fit in the mold and do what others do.

But I’ve discovered yesterday that accepting my difference is easier than I thought.

On purpose, I put a Moroccan gown and went to the most populated area of my neighorhood: the mall.

And guess what? 

People talked to me exactly as if I was wearing my regular clothing.

Some of them complimented me.

And the eyes of a very few reminded me that I wasn’t like them. I decided to ignore them.

It worked pretty well because after a little while, I had totally forgotten that I wasn’t dressed as usual.

Not hard: Moroccan gowns are so comfy you forget you’re wearing clothes at all.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Dressing differently, dressing the way you really like, is liberating. It allows you to be yourself, free from the judgment of others.


Clothing is only one of the many ways we limit ourselves on our own.

It’s probably because we’re used to it.

As kids, we were thought how to behave, how to control ourselves, how to dress appropriately to be able to fit into society.

But we weren’t born that way.

Just give a look at how kids are dressed for example. Look at the colors and how they mix clothes in a way that seems wacky to an adult.

I think we’re all artists, who’ve lost their ability to use the innate gift of creativity. Instead of fostering it, we shut it off to be all alike.

It’s a bit sad. We all have different fingerprints or eye pupils. Why not express our singularity through the clothing we really like instead of the one we’re supposed to like?

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