eat something you’ve never had before





15 minutes


$ 18 for 3 different things we’ve tried

My dear friends, I have great videos to show you from my week-end in New York but I’m

In the bus, heading back to Bethesda and I just can’t find a way to download them.

The Wi-Fi is too slow.

I’m sad because I really want to share these images with you.

But I guess I can still do it tomorrow.

That’s one of the cool things about this journey: useful reminders.

This whole thing is about self-care, and it wouldn’t be self-care anymore to worry or be upset about something that supposed to help me feel better, right?

So I’ll post the videos tomorrow and in the meanwhile, let me tell you what my friend Lamia and I did yesterday.

Of course, I can’t remember it all.

This city is so intense that you do and see more in a day than in a month anywhere else.

But one of the peaks of the day was when we found ourselves in a Tokyo Street in the middle of Manhattan.

All around us, Japanese flags, costumes, music, people. And street food.

I can almost cross one of the items of my bucket list: have a street food expedition to Japan. But Hubby wasn’t here so I can’t J

Plus, all around, I could still read the signs and know that I was eating Ebiyaki, Okonomiyaki and Fried Ice-Cream.

I know…

It sounds:



A bit weird,





And definitely worth experimenting.

And what’s life if not that: unknown, unique, a bit weird, cool, exciting, fun? And definitely worth experimenting?

PS: Thank you so much Lamia for such a fun week-end! 

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Experimenting new things is a fantastic way to keep our minds open. When we’re kids, our default mode is discovery. As we grow up, we tend to favor what is familiar, probably because we know how it works and this feeling is comforting. Doing this, we put our minds on autopilot. Experimenting a new dish is a quick and easy way to deactivate the autopilot and feel the world around us with more intensity, curiosity and alertness.


I want to share this 2-minute read and inspirational paper on the Huffington post:

5 reasons to embrace a little adventure.

Easy to read, easy to practice.

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