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Dear friends who were teenagers before Internet, here is a self-care you might enjoy.

Do you remember that at that time, TV was in a TV room or the living room?

Do you remember how parents had every control over the remote?

Do you remember we didn’t have a laptop or a phone to connect to in our bedrooms?

And do you remember what we used to do?

You got it! Listen to music.

In the dark for the romantics like me.

Yesterday evening, I went there. I went back to the times where I had time to dream in bed.

I started my ‘teenage session’ with an emblematic song I love, one I first listened to in an advertisement for a motorcycle company. I’m sure my friends from Morocco remember this ad.

A biker with a black leather jacket, cowboy of modern times, was riding, in the sunset. Free. With this song playing in the background:

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
It’s not warm when she’s away
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away

Stuck with homework and my parents at home, I imagined myself riding that road, my arms around my lover’s waist, on our bike, living adventure and fun. Free.

Reviving the teenage in me, I naturally picked this song first yesterday.

I told Hubby, who was watching Netflix:

– I’m listening to some music and it’s cool.Would you like to join? 

– Why not, but I might fall asleep after 2 minutes.

– Don’t worry, I won’t let you.

He joined.  I removed my eye mask, my earbuds and turned the volume of my phone up. The music filled the room. Through the window, the night was clear.

Hubby didn’t sleep. He got caught up in the game. An hour later, here we are:

Oh yeah, and what about Dire Straits?

And Joe cocker?

And Eric Clapton?

Which one do you like best?  The acoustic or the electric version of Layla?

We spend the whole evening listening, one song after the other until we got tired and let Youtube pick up songs for us.

I fell asleep, lulled.

Just like in my youth.

It felt good to go there again.

But you want to know what felt better?

To feel that good and still be an adult.

With no homework.

No parents to tell me what to do.

Free to plan a road trip with my lover.

At anytime.


PS1: Ok, forget the end of this post. I might not be able to travel at anytime. And might need to organize some babysitting-related stuff.

PS2: Given that our families live 4000 miles away, these baby-sitting arrangements might be hard to make.

PS3: Given the two above constraints, we might as well go on a road trip in a mini-van instead of a bike. With the babysitting-related protagonists.

PS4: But it’s ok too: bike or not, a road trip is a road trip. And it’s fantastic to be driving on a road, listening to music, in the sunset, feeling free.





WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Listening to music in the dark is soothing: by turning off all visual stimuli, you focus on your inner sensations and get a deep feeling of relaxation.


There are two ways of doing this self-care:

  1. You make a playlist in advance.

Pros: when you start listening to music, you relax and don’t look at your device anymore.

Cons: you might have to spend a lot of time making your list. If you’re like me and you want to go screen-free asap, this step might bother you.

  1. You connect to Youtube and select your songs as you go along

Pros: one song will inspire you another and you can really follow your mood of the moment.

Cons: you have to look at your phone after every song to program a new one. You won’t benefit from removing the visual stimuli that this self-care is all about as much as in Way 1.

In both cases, you might be tempted to stop a song in the middle because you’re impatient to hear another one. Try not to do it. You want to ground yourself in the moment, cultivate your patience and feel the pleasure of being here, idly.

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