have a salt cave treatment





45 minutes



A salt cave? What is that? As you can see on the picture, a salt cave is a dark room with extremely comfy cushions made specifically for you to sink in deeply, warmed up with a soft and cozy blanket. 

Around you, all is made with pink Himalayan salt: the walls bricks and the salt-sandy floor.

What you’re supposed to do in a salt cave is easy: lie down and breath while you listen to soothing music reproducing water and nature sounds.

After 5 minutes inside a salt cave, your body starts feeling heavy.

You want to move to take another blanket from the recliner facing you but gravity is too strong.

When you finally convince yourself that you need this blanket to feel completely at ease, you move in slow motion, silently, feeling and hearing the crushed salt under your feet.

You take one extra blanket for you and another for your daughter, and go back to your initial position which you hope you never leave again. 

You look around. Through the softened lights given by the salt lamps on the walls, you see the approving gaze of the Buddhas on the left and right corners of the room

With the little energy you have left, you take your daughter’s hand and exert a little pressure on it (‘is everthing ok?’). Her little hand replies with the same gentle push (yes, mamma, all is fine).

And then, you allow yourself to let go.

You forget about the stress of the parking spot you couldn’t find, about the rush you were in before leaving the house and the discouragement you were feeling all day long.

Your mind floats.

5 minutes.

10 minutes?

1 hour?

You don’t know.

You get lost in this space between sleep and awareness, where you see clouds and birds and arms embracing the air.

Next to you, Duderina is peacefully sleeping. You can’t see her because your eyelids are too heavy but you hear her regular and soft breath.

You can hear the couple at your right change positions but you’re not sure anymore. Was there really a couple with us here?

Your eyelids open and close to check. But you can’t focus. 

After all, it’s not important.

What’s important and what is real is what you feel.

You float in dark waters, lulled with the movements of a warm current.

Peace. Ease. Warmth. 

A feeling from before you were born.

A loving caress all over your body.

And the most familiar of all voices, telling you how much she loves you already.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Halotherapy (salt therapy) is the inhalation of salt infused in the air. It has been used since the 11th century as an immune system booster and as a way to relieve many respiratory conditions.


Himalayan salt crystals are pink, red and black. They get their color from high mineral contents and are rich in iodine.

If you’re wondering why you should try being in a salt cave, here are some of the few benefits of salt therapy:

  • Fosters better sleep
  • Supports the immune, nervous and lymphatic system
  • Clears the mucus
  • Reduces stress and headaches
  • Increases energy levels
  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improves lung function
  • And if you have respiratory conditions, salt cave treatment can help you with your asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinus congestion


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