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A couple days ago, Duderina brought a pink jar from school.

She got it playing the “estimation jar” game: it’s a very popular game in schools. Teachers put candies in a big jar and kids guess how many there are inside. The one who makes the right guess gets the jar and the candies.

Last week, Duderina won, guessing 57 chocolates.

Sweets are gone obviously, but the jar is still here.

It reminded me of the concept of “cheer-up jar” that my sister Zaza shared with me (thanks and much love Zaza). The idea is simple: everyday, you write down something good you accomplished and put the paper in the jar. When you want to be cheered up, you just go there and read about all the great things you’ve done.

I liked the idea very much and it inspired me my self-care act of the day.

But I adapted it a little bit.

Back in the years, when Duderina was a little baby in Casablanca, I had a “wish book”.

It was an elegant white leather book with a very soft paper.

I used to write down titles of books I wanted to read or movies I wanted to watch, recipes I wanted to try…Anything that started with “I want to”.

It was really cool: it was like writing letters to myself reminding me who I am. On the days I was lost, my wish would book always remind me who I am, push me to bounce and feel better.

Yesterday, I mixed both concept, the “cheer-up jar” and the “wish book”, to create the “wish jar”.

The main differences between this concept and the other ones is that this one is collective: it’s a family wish jar.

Every time one of us thinks about something they “want to”, they can take a piece of paper, write it down (with their name), and throw it the jar.

And every time someone feels like being nice, they can go to the wish jar, pick up a piece of paper and make others family members happy, unexpectedly. And with something they really like.

Curious about what my first wish was?

Well, I’ve been craving for this Coffee Ice Cream from Trader Joe’s for days and I just couldn’t find a moment to get there. Now, I know Hubby will get me some (no pressure, Hon…hehehe).

PS: Actually, I’m extending the wish jar to anyone who comes to my place. So if you’re around some day, know that my wish jar is your wish jar.

Love to all.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Starting a wish jar is useful: it reminds you of the things you want and reminds you too to treat yourself. Starting a family wish jar is better: you get to remember what you like, treat people you love and make them happy.


I suggest that you place the jar in a visible place: in your living room or the kitchen or any place you spend a lot of time in.

Otherwise, you might forget it’s here.

To have more fun, you can decorate the jar as an activity with your kids.

You can also place papers of different colors next to the jar to add more color.

And same thing as Self-Care Act # 38, you’ll need to have a pen handy for this one. One easy solution: throw a small pen or pencil in the jar and put it back inside after using it.

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