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It didn’t want to know how much he paid 🙂

Yesterday was my birthday. So I wanted my self-care act to be special, significant, big.

One that I would remember a year from now. As I was talking to my sister, Zaza, she asked me:

– What is your Self-Care today?
– Today I’m going to set one big goal for the year to come. So that on my next birthday, I’ll sit and see if I was able to reach it or not.

Many influencers and authors, including Mark Zuckerberg, set one big goal per year and commit to it. One big goal is a good way to stay focused. Better than a list of 20 resolutions you forget about after one month.

My birthday seemed like a good time-mark for that. But my problem was that I had no idea what to set as a goal.

So I decided to talk about it with Hubby at the restaurant, where he was taking me to celebrate.

So here we are, at this great tapas place in DC, talking about my plans. After ordering our wine, Hubby asked:

– So what is this goal you want to set?
– That’s the point, I don’t know. I wanted to talk about it because I just couldn’t find one.
– …
– I just know that I want it to be big and measurable.
– Ok…. Cheers!
– Cheers…I’m starting a new job so I have no idea of what my professional objectives can be.
– …
– We’ve just decided to stay in DC instead of moving to New York so, geographically, our moves are limited. By the way, you want to order?
– Sure. You’re gonna love these little roasted peppers I had the other day.

Pause in the conversation. Reading the menu for 20 minutes. Negotiating about what to share. Placing the order: roasted peppers, cheese and charcuterie plates, mussels, lemon marinated calamari. Starting the conversation again:

– I want this goal to be compatible with my life. I want something that’s not too hard. I’m already busy but still…. Ummm, great wine!
– I love mine. Wanna try?
– Hummm…fantastic ! But mine’s better. Ok, so I already exercise and my diet is pretty healthy. I really don’t know what to do. You understand? I want something…. Oh my God, these calamari are sooooo good. Omg, omg, omg. Ummmmmmm.
– I knew you were gonna like this place.
– Oh yeah, it’s great ! So what was I telling you again?
– Your one big goal. You already exercise and have a healthy diet….
– Yeah, I don’t know. I just don’t know….
– Love, can I tell you something?
– Yes????
– I’m sorry. I don’t get it. You’ve started The Self-Care Journey 2 months ago. You’ve committed for 365 days. It’s huge. And it’s one big goal, right? Why do you want something else?
– ….

I hate it when he’s that perspicacious.

But I have to admit he was right.

Then, I had a new problem:

– What about my Self-Care of the day?
– Would being on a date night with your husband, enjoying this fantastic food and a great evening count as Self-Care?

It sure does, Love. Actually, it counts as double.

Can’t thank you enough for bringing perspective and balance into my life.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Quality time with your partner is one of the ingredients of a happy relationship. Totally self-care!


I’m sure you don’t need advice for this one so I’m sharing a quote that I liked because relationships are about love but also change and flexibility:

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”          Khalil Gibran

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