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Warning: this act of self-care works best if you who have someone over the age of 6 to help.

Thanks to Duderina, yesterday’s self-care act was a bliss.

Before going to bed, she wanted to do like Mamma to relax: she put salt and lavender oil in a tub for a foot bath.

She was feeling so relaxed that she wanted to share with me and insisted that I do the same.

She added extra hot water to the tub and turned the lights off.

She brought me a cushion to put behind my back and lemon slices (in napkins) to cover my eyes.

She placed a bowl of warm water with mint essential oil next to me, “to give the room a nice smell”.

Then she decided she wanted to offer me a whole spa treatment.

She dried and moisturized my feet with Duderino’s hydrating cream.

She helped me put socks on and asked me to lie on my bed.

Then, she delicately placed cushions under my feet and covered me with a blanket to keep me warm. And gave me a fantastic foot massage.

The more she was taking care of me, the more creative she got.

I’m sure she hadn’t planned the whole thing but I ended up having:

– A hand bath followed by a massage
– A belly heating treatment with my favorite pad
– A post-spa lemon iced water she had prepared while I was enjoying the moment.

My friends, there are many learnings from this story:

– Raising kids is a lot of work but, man, they give you the love back!
– Taking care of yourselves is contagious : when you do, people around you do too.
– Let your kids play with you like a doll: you might be surprised.

Love to all from a relaxed and easy day!


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  With a home Spa, you have the benefits of a Spa without its disadvantages: you don’t have to drive back home when you’re done.


It’s really more fun and pleasure to have someone take care of you but if you’re on your own, it works too.

Make sure to have everything near you so that you don’t have to move: cream or oil for your hand and feet massage, your favorite infusion, a bolster or pillow to place under your feet while lying….

Be careful if use candles (scented or not): you don’t want to fall asleep while they’re still burning. So, please, place them close to you to be able to blow them out easily.

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