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Ok guys, I’m not a US citizen and I don’t care much about politics. Most of the time, I’m super optimistic and I just don’t think that my voice is needed. So, I confess, I usually rely on other people to act on my behalf politically.

But on November 2016, when Trump got elected, I freaked out. I started seeing the world as an unsafe zone, going back to the dark ages, where intolerance, fear, demagogy and populism ruled.

The day following the election was the most horrible one since I moved to the US 4 years ago. Like so many other people in the country, I started looking at the world’s map to find more welcoming skies to go to.


But, I’m still here. And yesterday was inauguration day.

I didn’t watch TV nor did I follow the ceremony on Facebook.

Rather –and as my act of self-care of the day- I made a list of what I called my Trump’s resolutions.

For the next 4 years, I’m going to stick to them and read them every now and then to stay awake. Here they are:

1. I will not fear the future
2. I will keep faith and hope
3. I will not protect my personal interests and let injustice happen
4. I will stand for my rights and those of less privileged people
5. I will not “bubble” in the comfort of my life
6. I will stay awake, alert and ready to march
7. I will never rely anymore on others to speak on my behalf.

Writing this made me feel much better about the four years to come. And inspired my act of self-care #35: March in Washington, DC.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Changing your attitude and getting involved in the community is a way to make your voice heard and stand for your beliefs. If you do, you will have a greater opportunity to live in a society aligned with your values.


This self-care act is very specific. It was what I needed at a particular time in reaction to a particular event, the Trump election. 

But I think it’s about aligning your actions with your beliefs.

About defining what you stand for and getting involved in the community.

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