practice legs against the wall





10-25 minutes



I love sharing self-care ideas with you. And I love it even more when when they’re super easy, free and bring you more benefits that you can think of.

That’s the case of this is ridiculously simple act of self-care.

It looks like nothing but leaning “legs against the wall” is a yoga pose. It’s called Viparita Karani. And holding this posture for 10-25 minutes will help a lot if you:

– feel anxious
– have arthritis
– have a headache
– suffer from digestive problems
– have high or low blood pressure
– have varicose veins on your legs
– have swollen ankles
– have menstrual cramps
– need to stretch your arms, your torso and the back of your legs
– want to restore your vitality
– are about to go to bed and suffer from insomnia
– have tired feet and legs
– have mild backache
– have urinary disorders
– are going through menopause
– want to quiet your mind
– suffer from mild depression

So if like me yesterday, you’re tired and you’ve been sitting behind a screen for too long,

If you don’t feel like reading but still don’t want to watch TV,

If a foot bath or making an infusion is too much effort,

Well, Viparita Karani is for you.

Enjoy your week-end and see you tomorrow!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Read all the benefits of this self-care act on your left to know how cool and powerful it is.


TIf you want to know how to get in the posture, watch this 3-minute video on Youtube: Viparita Karani 

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