practice “walk and talk”





Practice on a continuous basis



While reading this post, you’re probably comfortably sitting in your office, in your living room, in your car, in a restaurant…

Actually, where you’re sitting doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you’re sitting.

And that you’ve probably been sitting for the previous hours and are going to keep it going for the next ones.

Same for me.

I’m on my couch, then I’ll take a break to get ready to go to my Starbucks office. And then I’ll sit there for more hours than is good for my health.

That’s why yesterday, as my self-care act, I introduced a simple concept in my life: “walk and talk”.

“Walk and talk” in business, or walking meetings, is a growing trend.

The concept is simple and I like it: instead of taking place in a common place (meeting room, coffee shop, office…) meetings are held in the streets, while walking.

“Walk and Talk” works best for small gatherings: 2 or 3 people, never more. They increase creative thinking and help maintain well-being.

Yesterday, I decided to introduce the concept to my personal life. And walk as often as I can when I’m with someone, on the phone or in real life.

It started when my cousin Ghita called me.

I really wanted to talk to her but I was in front of Duderino’s daycare, ready to pick him up.

Talking and picking up Duderino wasn’t an option. I like being in the moment for “Mommy Time”, express the joy I have to see him and share his.

That’s when the idea popped up in my head: Ok, I’m going to postpone pick-up time, talk to Ghita and while doing so, engage in a healthy activity: walking.

That way, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything: I walked, I talked and I hugged mindfully.

To my friends in Bethesda and other super safe neighborhoods: we should add another dimension to this self-care to enjoy it even deeper.

It’s gratitude. Because all streets aren’t safe to walk.

Special thoughts to our friends in Casablanca, New York or Rio de Janeiro, some of the few cities that can be sometimes a little wild.

Love to all and happy day!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  It is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes a day to maintain an overall level of physical health. Unfortunately, our way of life becomes more and more sedentary. Taking quick walk breaks is a great way to reach (and exceed) this daily recommended walking time.


To know more about the concept of Walk and Talk and its benefits, watch this Ted Talk, by business innovator Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk.

Also, one recommendation of my own to increase your daily walking time: at your office, at the grocery store, at your kids school, stop trying to park as close as you can from the premises. Rather, consider parking far as an opportunity to walk more. That;s what I do : it improves both my physical and mental health. I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to be looking for a parking spot.

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