take a winter sunbath





30 minutes



I’m pretty sure I already told you that I was a cat in a previous life.

I love it when I can take a nap, ideally on the floor or a carpet, using the sun as a blanket.

But I rarely have the occasion to please the feline in me.

When you’re a parent, especially in western societies, there is no time for idleness.

But from time to time, the magic happens. And because, magic doesn’t last, you have to be quick to make the most out of it.

That’s what happened yesterday when I came back from a long hour grocery shopping.

Hubby and I were heading to the house to put groceries in their respective places: pantry, fridge…

But Duderino decided he wanted to stay outside. So I sat on the deck to keep an eye on him.

He was very busy, playing with the dog’s toys, moving his little car from one place to another, throwing his ball…

He was so busy he forgot about me.

So quietly, like a mouse, I lied on the wooden deck and stopped moving.

The air was chilly but the sun was warm. I was wearing a comfy, puffy jacket and warm shoes. My body’s temperature was just perfect.

Duderino was singing, moving his toys from one place to another.

I was there, immobile.

And then, the door opened and Duderina saw me…

Don’t worry guys, the daydream is not over. The girl has good genes.

Just like me, she recognized the opportunity.

She lied next to me and there we stayed.

My daughter and I. Cosy and warm. Enjoying a little sunshine.

My friends, look at my pic again and you’ll see how self-care that was.

Love to all from a sunny morning!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Enjoying a warm sunshine is a massage for your body. Enjoying an unexepected moment of quietness, like it was the case in this post is an emotionnal priceless bonus.


I have to say this even if I don’t do it very often: you need to use a sunscreen when you take a sun bath, even during the winter. Sunscreens are very efficient to prevent skin cancers.

It’s a bit complicated to know which one to buy at first, when there are tons of different SPF’s (Sun Protection Factor) on the shelves, ranging from 15 to 115. My dermatologist recommended that I use a 30 SPF sunscreen for the family. It blocks 97% of sun rays so you really don’t need a higher protection.

This being said, the most difficult thing is to remember to apply it…

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