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Why is watching Top Chef Self-Care? To answer this question, I need to tell you how I pick up my self-care acts.

Finding a self-care idea is easy. There are hundred ways to be good to yourselves. Picking up a different self-care idea every day is trickier.

As you know, yesterday was day 82 of my 365-day journey. Every day, I share my experience with you and try to come up with simple and affordable self-care ideas.

One of my wishes is that when you’re feeling low, you come to this page (and soon, to my blog* ) and pick up an idea that will make you feel better.

If you feel better, then it’s double self-care for me.

To keep ideas handy, I have a word document called “Self-Care Ideas” on my laptop. Whenever my friends or I think of a new idea, I add it to the list.

Once a week, usually on Sunday, I refer to this doc, pick up a few items and transfer them to a “list-of-the-week”.

This weekly list is very important because it guides and comforts me. I can tell: “Ok, here is my plan for this week. I’m good and I’m inspired.”

But so far, I have never followed a single list of the week. Why?

Because this is self-care. And self-care depends on my emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological needs of the day.

I can’t decide that I need to go for a run on Thursday and stick to it no matter what. What if I have a headache on Thursday? What if I’m on really tight deadlines? What if Duderina‘s school calls me because she has a toothache and that I have to take care of her? What if, what if, what if.

My experience so far has shown me that self-care without flexibility isn’t self-care.

Every day is different. 

So, before doing my self-care act of the day, I always question myself:

– Does this self-care act feel right and good?
– Does it fit in smoothly into my schedule?
– Will it bring value to my friends?

Yesterday the thing that felt right and good was to comfortably sit on my couch, my favorite blanket between my thighs and my laptop, Hubby on my side, a Karamel Sutra ice cream cone in my hand and the first episode of the French 8th season of Top Chef playing on my screen.

Relishing the moment in front of a mouth watering adaptation of a classic dish, the “Boeuf Carotte”.

Does this idea bring value to you?

I hope so. If you think of it as way to release the pressure you put on yourself. Self-care doesn’t need to be hard or painful.

Fully enjoying simple moments in life is totally and sufficiently Self-Care.

Love to all my friends.

And remember: take it easy and do what feels right.


* this post was initially published on Facebook, before this blog was ready.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  For me, watching Top Chef with Hubby is a pleasant activity  which requires no effort from me after a busy day. Remember, taking care of yourselves doesn’t have to be painful or sophisticated.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”    Virginia Wolf

I really love food and think it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life.  If you like it too,watch this documentary: Hiro, a dream of sushi, about a 85-old sushi master in Tokyo. Mouthwatering, with great ratings: 7.9/10 on Imdb and 99% on rotten tomatoes.

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