have a no-screen day





24 hours



Yesterday was a “No screen day”.  

I have to confess something: I cheated. Not that I watched Netflix or checked my email or anything like that, no.

I cheated because I chose to conduct this experience while I was invited at my neighbors’ Christmas party for the whole day. As a consequence, I didn’t live it to its full extent. Why did I do that? Probably because I’m scared to discover how attached to screens I am.

Because guess what’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning? Look at the clock on my phone. And throw a sneaky eye on my apps to see how many notifications I have on FB, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Just to check. It always makes me feel happy to see that I have new messages …And this “check: thing ? Well, I do it almost 100 times a day. It’s like getting 100 daily gifts. Yesterday, I was deprived from that pleasure. And I didn’t like it.

But the rest of the day was busy and –even if I I felt a little boredom before going to bed- it was ok. So here are a few things you can expect on a no-screen day:
– Write again with a pen to put your ideas down (and realize that no matter what hand you use, your writing will look like a 7 year-old),
– Spend time with your kids and be a 100% with them, at every minute,
– Talk –a lot- to your significant other before going to bed (I enjoyed it but not sure Hubby did as well, given that he was trying to watch the last episode of his TV show)
– Feel younger because it reminds you of your teenage years when there was no internet,
– Be happy at the perspective of waking up the next morning and being able to connect again.

I will repeat this experience on a regular Sunday. I’m sure it will be less pleasant. And certainly more educational…

See you tomorrow for Self-Care Act #9: walk my retired neighbors’ dog because I know they’re tired today.


Note: Posts 1-10 are relatively short.

When I started the Self-Care Journey, I didn’t know I was embarking for 365 days. I had a very vague idea of what my concept or my objectives -appart from taking care of myself- were.

I’m keeping the posts the way they were initially published so that you can witness the evolution of my journey and live the experience the way I did.

Love to all and thanks for any comments you’d like to leave.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Too much screen time impacts negatively the quality of sleep. Plus, when you go screen free, we gain time and you can using it doing cool stuff in real life: meet with friends, connect to nature, cook a great meal…


The Self-Care Journey is the immediate result of a screen-free afternoon (read here), so I wouldn’t recommend enough trying this exercice.

Going screen-free is a bit painful at first. It’s usually at this moment that you realize you spend more time than you think on your laptop, phone, tablet…The first think you might notice when you go screen-free is that you get bored. Don’t worry if it happens: it’s normal and it’s good!

Once you get used to this feeling, you will start enjoying it. And you will have more spare time to do others things you forgot you like: walk, talk to a friend over the phone, bake, do some gardening...

I personally feel like my brain needs this boredom to get more creative.

Here is the way I picture my brain : it is a field. By constantly plowing it (by exposing it to too many information), I overuse it. And at some point, it’s not fertile anymore.

To restore it, I need to stop feeding it and let it rest.

It allows me to create space. This space in return allow news ideas to emerge and grow.

And I love getting creative. 

Next time I can -probably during the summer break- I will go screen-free for a whole week and see how it goes.

I’ll have to find a way to have someone write and publish my posts for me but I’m sure I’ll figure this out.