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I’m happy to inform you that yesterday, I won the Oscar for the worst interpretation of my friend Soundouss’s fantastic act of self-care: have a slow motion day.

A slow motion day is a day during which you do everything at a slow pace: you eat slowly, you walk slowly, you talk slowly, you type slowly, you read slowly, you take a shower slowly. It’s a fantastic way to increase one’s mindfulness and quiet the mind.

Fantastic? Yes. If you don’t overestimate yourself, like I did.

I thought I was enough of a self-care expert to try the experiment on a busy Monday.

The experience, my friends, was a total collapse and a huge learning. Here is why.

First, I didn’t realize how anchored is speed in my life, in every little detail: drive to school and be ready to put the foot down as soon as the light turns green, be alert and take this table at Starbucks before someone else does, reply to an email quickly and then get ready to work and then reply to another email, and then work again, email, work, emaill….one thing after the other in an endless loop.

Second, I didn’t measure the importance of “unlearning”. Unlearning to do things needs training: you don’t do that on a Monday. You don’t do that when your inbox is already exploding. You do it when you have time to learn how to change your habits.

Third, experimenting the slow-motion attitude on a busy day isn’t called self-care: it’s called torture. Because doing things at a slower pace when you’re in a rush is comparable to being stuck in traffic when you’re late for a meeting that started 15 minutes ago.

So after giving it a try for a couple hours, I aborted the experiment and returned to two of my frenemies: Speed and Rush.

I don’t like them that much. That’s why I will try this experiment again and again until I’m able to be zen on a busy day.

The good thing about yesterday?

Duderina and I had the best fun ever filming this video, a pretty accurate summary of my day.

After all, it was all about that: rushing, trying to slow down, rushing again, collapsing miserably and ending up laughing like crazy because at the end of the day, none of it was life-threatening.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Our lives are fast and this speed is not natural: it’s a lot of stress and pressure. Slowing down is a good way to go back to a more natural and manageable rythm. It’s relaxing and mind calming.


There is a whole Slow Movement going on around the world, which advocates a cultural shift towards slowing the pace: slow food, slow fashion, slow cinema.

It’s very hard in today’s life to be able to slow the pace but not impossible.

You might like this Ted Talk, Slow down.Enjoy life! if you’re inyterested in the topic.

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