massage my scalp





5-15 minutes



Hello my friends, where have you been lately? Swamped with work? Waiting for the winter to end? Traveling and enjoying a break?

As you know, I’ve been working a lot for the last two weeks.

I have so many information to process with this new job that I’m under water almost everyday.

But I’m very proud and happy to be on this journey because I still take time to take care of myself. So thanks for your support and thanks for following me!

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Now back to yesterday.

Friday night. End of a super busy week. Back home with the lowest energy level in a long time.

And one wish only: take my shoes off, crash on the couch and let Hubby and Duderina take care of me. That’s what I did.

But before that, I took 10 minutes for myself to do the self-care act with one of the highest returns on investment ever: a scalp massage.

All you need is 5 to 15 minutes and your hands. If someone can help, the massage is even better. But it’s not necessary.

Very important clues: make yourself comfortable, in a noiseless area and close your eyes. You want to really focus on what’s going on inside.

You don’t need to know how to give a scalp massage, just do what feels right and good.

And don’t forget three areas:

– the forehead
– the ears (hummmm)
– And if you’re a woman and you tie your hair a lot (like me), insist on the area where your bun is.

This self-care act will either take you to bed right away or energize you and get you ready to enjoy one of the best evenings of the week: Friday night!

Love to all and see you tomorrow!


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Scalp massages improve your blood flow and scalp’s health and are relaxing as can be. Among my favorite self-care!


Wear comfy clothes. They’ll help you relax.

Close your eyes and let your hands run on your scalp and face. Don’t try to do anything professional: what feels right IS right. That’s why you should close your eyes: to feel what you’re doing.

Don’t try to avoid getting messy hair: it’s impossible. 

If I find the video of a good massage in the near future, I’ll share it with you. So far, I’ve found this on Wikihow. It’s good for a start.

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