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What are the chances that you run into your brother’s childhood friend 4000 miles away from home?

Now what are the chances that the random guy who spilled his coffee on your laptop at Starbucks and sent the machine to the grave becomes your friend?

My friends, I’m sure you know the probability for both to happen is very low.


Nevertheless, I had the chance to experiment both within the last two months.

The first guy, Mehdi lives in the Caribbean and is in the DC area for a couple months. As I was driving to the mall the other day, there was this man coming from the opposite side of the road waiving at me and making weird arm movements behind his wheel.

I thought something was wrong with my car and when I opened the window to talk and see what was going on, Mehdi’s face materialized in front of an incredulous me.

The second guy, Serdar, is from Turkey and has been living here for 26 years. He’s the guy from Self-Care Act #18, the one who ruined my laptop and who generously and obstinately insisted to get me a new one. I couldn’t accept the offer so we met in the middle. I let him pay for the repair and committed to buy him coffee for the next 24 years.

I have lots of laughter with both of them when they come to my Starbucks office for a coffee stop.

But I never had a chance to introduce them to each other.

So yesterday, after trying to organize a get together for days, we finally managed to go for a drink in this really nice place downtown Bethesda: Gringos y Mariachis.

While having the best margaritas in town and eating fantastic tapas, we enjoyed beautiful paintings on the brick walls that look just like tattoos.

We initially planned to meet at 7:30 but, with our Moroccan and Turkish skills combined, we met at 8:30.

At midnight, after margaritas and great tapas (meat balls in a spicy green sauce, roasted peppers with melted cheese, chicken quesadillas…), I decided it was time for me to go to bed and get ready for a busy Thursday.

Before walking me to my car, Mehdi ordered two other drinks, and said: “Serdar, don’t move. I’ll be back!”

My friends, I don’t know yet what they’ve been up to when I left but my mission was accomplished : two of my friends are now friends

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Friendship = warm heart. Friendship + friendship = double warm heart.


If you want to introduce friends to each other:

– Create a group message to organize the gathering so that your friends can connect and “talk” to each other before meeting. If you plan to meet in a public place, and like me, are often late, you can share their pictures via text so that they can talk before you arrive.

– As the “introducer”, you’re responsible for keeping the conversation alive and bringing topics to talk about, especially if you’re with shy people (which was absolutely not my case in this Self-Care).

But don’t do all the talking. When you feel the conversation flows, step back. 

And be happy.

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