send a surprise post card to a friend





30-45 minutes


$10 max

Yesterday, I was in a good mood.

And when I’m in a good mood, I have this energy inside me that makes my stomach laugh.

I just want to talk to people and spread good vibes.


I went through my day smoothly: I walked around my neighborhood at 7 AM, I worked, spent time with my colleagues, made dinner for my family, and played with the kids. An ordinary day. But good mood made it a great day.

To spread the vibes, Duderina and I had a fun and heartwarming activity together: we wrote a surprise postcard to my cousin (don’t worry, he’s not on Facebook so he won’t know about the card before he gets it ).

The postcard is colorful: orange, green, yellow and when you unfold it, it opens like a bouquet of flowers.

Exactly what my cousin needs right now. He’s been through a hard time lately. Plus, he’s in Ottawa, where winter is still on.

And every time he travels, he sends us beautiful postcards: from Hawaii, Argentina… and lots of other exotic places.

Some might think it’s old-fashioned but I like it.

The pleasure of finding a real letter with a handwritten scripture in the middle of bills, flyers and bank statements, is like eating chocolate: you can never have enough.

Yesterday, to thank my cousin for all the times he gave me that joy, Duderina and I sent him this postcard, wishing him a Happy March 1st.

To remind him that just like spring, good mood is around the corner.

Did you like this post? Please share it. It would mean a lot to me and help your friends take better care of themselves.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  When you write a surprise postcard, you’re excited and happy at the prospect of the surprise you’re making. And when you receive the phone call of the receiver to thank you because they’re touched, you’re happy because they’re happy. How self-care is that?


Make sure you find a way to get your friend’s address without spoiling the surprise.

Choosing the right card for the right person is hard.

Because I thought it would take me 5 minutes to pick-up a card, I started feeling stressed after 10 minutes staring at the shelves.

And then I reminded myself this was supposed to be a self-care act. And calmed down.

Conclusion: make sure you have enough time to buy your card and stamps.

And last, don’t hesitate to go crazy on your message: draw, put stickers or fragrance …

Duderina draw lots of hearts and flowers on ours. So it’s also a fun activity to do with kids.

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