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Temptation in US stores is big. And it’s everywhere.

The worst thing to do is thus to go shopping without a list, just to get some stuff.

I’ve learnt it at my expense (literally).

When I was in California, I had a Marshall store not too far from my house. I used to go there, just to hang out and see what new arrivals they had.

Because you can return anything you buy, the act of buying is something easy.

You know that even if you don’t like it, you can return it.

So I would always end up with a cart full of stuff each time I went there: shorts, sweaters, mugs, scrafs….

When I went back home, I always had one or two items to return.

So I would go back again, return the items and leave with another cart full of new stuff.

You can go on like this forever. Why does this happen?

Follow me: let’s say you get a light pink t-shirt with silver paillettes. You like it and it’s half its original price. You put it in the cart. But then you need to get a pair of denim shorts to go with it. You find them and you can’t believe it, they’re half the price too. You put them in the cart. And then you want the flowery Chucks that would make the whole thing a great outfit. And the Chucks are only $16.99. What do you do? Of course, you put them in the cart.

This never ends.

Shopping everywhere in the world is a trap. But shopping in the US is a costly and painful one.

Because you put a lot of money and time in it.

Instead of enjoying something really fun (a picnic in the park, a crab part party at your favorite spot in this restaurant over the river, a lazy afternoon with you friends…) you spend your whole day under artificial lights, buying stuff you don’t really need.

So yesterday, I’ve tested a new way to take care of myself: make a shopping list and stick to it.

Was I tempted? Yes, I was.

Was it useful to set it as my self-care act? Definitely. Because Duderina reminded me that I had to stick to it if I wanted to be good to myself and be faithful to you.

Was it hard? In the store yes.

But as soon as I got out of there, I forgot about what I wanted to buy.

And I had free time to go for a walk in my neighborhood.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  This self-care act will help you save money, time and energy. Which you can use to do much more meaningful things: go for a run, have coffee with a friends, talk to you mom on the phone…


If you want to practice this Self-Care Act, here are you 7 commandments:

1. Stick to the list.

2. You see this absolutely divine shirt you’ve always wanted? Stick to the list.

3. You found this lovely baby dress, prefect for your niece? Stick to the list.

4. These pairs of colorful and fun socks? Stick to the list.

5. They’re only $2.99? Stick to the list.

6. Stick to the list.

7. Stik to the list.

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