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When you browse your Netflix account looking for a movie, there are lots of categories: TV shows, action, drama, romantic comedies, horror…

One is missing. It’s Candies.

Candies for sweet, colorful and fun movies.

Like “Gentlemen prefer blondes”, “Pillow talk” or “Some like it hot”.

Candies like La La Land, definitely the best musical I’ve seen in years.

For me, La La Land is classical Hollywood at it’s best: a dream casting (Emma Stone and Ryan Golsing), gorgeous and colorful costumes, a moving soundtrack, and the most romantic choreographies ever.

All this magnified by modern special effects, with the lovers dancing in the LA sky.

Absolutely delightful.

If you want to watch it my friends, I have a couple suggestions for you:

– Don’t expect the plot to be anything exceptional: it’s a love story. One woman. One man. They meet, fall in love and write their story.

– Go to the movie theater: you want to fully immerse in the lover’s vibrant world and share their feeling from as close as you can.

– Watch it with someone who loves romantic comedies and classic movies. Pleasure is always increased when the feeling is shared.

– If you watched it with someone who didn’t enjoy it as much as you (not pointing fingers at anyone here ), call a friend who liked it (or call Fehd, your brother in law who’s an actor in LA and try to share your impressions with him).

– If your brother in law hasn’t seen yet, ask them to do so and call you back.

– In the meanwhile, re-watch the trailer, go to Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes and read reviews to immerse yourself in the movie again. Like this one, by a guy named Marcus: “It has been five days since I saw La La Land and I am still thinking about it and singing the haunting refrain that plays with your soul” or this one by Andy: “I hate musicals. I loved this movie.”

My friends, go watch this candy.

It will cheer you up and you will have one and only wish after that: go to bed to let the dream go on.

Love to all from a happy Sunday!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Watching a movie is entertaining. Going to the movies takes you to another dimension: your reality stop existing and you dive into another life. A much more intense emotional experience than watching at home.


 The power of Netflix, Amazon, Itunes or your DVD player is strong:

You can watch alsmost anything at any time from your comfy and warm bed.

You can pause, replay, go to the bathroom or make another ice-cream cone.

But my friends, overcome laziness and leave your comfort: watching a movie at home and going to the movies are as different as dreaming about your ideal life and actually living it.  

We all know which one is the strongest.

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