take a hot barre class





1h class + 1h for driving, parking, taking a shower



Taking a Hot Vinyasa class was my initial intention but my studio changed its schedule for Christmas so I took a Hot Barre class at 12 PM.

It was my first time trying it and I’m glad I did:
– I loved the workout: it focuses on flexibility, strength and body sculpt. And hummmm, who would say no to that? My muscles shaked a lot and when I asked why after the class, the instructor told me that it was a sign that I was working very hard. The stronger my muscles wil get, the less shaky I’ll be.
David Olivier Allen –the teacher- had a great energy and enthusiasm and his directions were super clear: I was able to follow even if it was my first time there (thank you David).

What I really love about exercising is that, no matter how lazy, tired, down, I am before going to the studio, I never regret it. I really wish I could find more time to practice… Which reminds me of what my new Starbucks’ friend told me the other day: when you’re twenty, you try to lift the heaviest loads at the gym. When you’re 40, you’re just happy to be there .

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Note: Posts 1-10 are relatively short.

When I started the Self-Care Journey, I didn’t know I was embarking for 365 days. I had a very vague idea of what my concept or my objectives -appart from taking care of myself- were.

I’m keeping the posts the way they were initially published so that you can witness the evolution of my journey and live the experience the way I did.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Exercising is always self-care. Good for the body. Good for the mind. Hot Barre classes are a mix of yoga, pilates and barre and a powerful way to increase balance and body alignment.


If you take a hot ‘anything’ class (barre, pilates, yoga…), the most important thing is to get proper hydration BEFORE and AFTER the class.

Drink at least 4-6 glasses of water during the hours preceeding the class (if it’s an evening class) and as much as you can if it’s a morning class.

Drinking during the class isn’t recommended because it makes the workout uncomfortable. 

Also, know that being in a hot room increases dehydration and aging of both the skin and hair. Always heavily hydrate your skin and hair after the class. As a preventive treatment, you can leave a conditionner or Cocunut Oil on your hair during the class and rinse it after.

And one last advice, don’t push yourself too hard in class if you’re not used to it. With the heat, the body gains flexibility and you might injure yourself if you don’t know where to stop stretching.