learn a magic trick





10-15 minutes



Since I’ve started this journey, Duderina has been the greatest assistant ever.

She’s always here to give me new ideas, take pictures and help me take better care of myself (remember the home spa?).

Yesterday, she taught me a magic trick. Magic tricks are always lots of fun and laughter at family gatherings or friends meet-ups.

I really don’t know how the one we did yesterday works.

I’ve kept repeating it for forever and I still can’t figure out how it works.

Maybe, someone with a background in physics can tell us?

Thank you beautiful and kind Duderina for being the video producer, director and main actor of this video!

And thank you for being one of my best buddies in life.

Love to all!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Learning a magic trick is fun AND useful. When you’re with family and friends, everybody wants to try and play.


If you, your kids or your friends love magic tricks, I found this 12 tricks on Buzzfeed for you: they’re pretty cool!

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