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Yesterday, after doing nothing special for the whole day, we took Mike and the kids to Duderina’s school to play.

One thing I like –and which surprised me when I first moved to the US- is that you can go play in any school’s playgrounds when kids are off school.

That’s pretty cool because it means that, wherever you are and if you’re out of original ideas, you can put your shoes on and go to school. That’s what we did yesterday.

What I didn’t know is that I was taking myself to play too.

It started with Duderina asking me to join her on the monkey bars, you know these bars where you hang like a monkey and use your arms to (try to) go from one bar to the other.

I played with her before so now, every time we go, she asks me to do it again.

Most of the time, I’m an adult and I just don’t feel like it.

But some days, like yesterday, I’m like: yeah, why not?

So I climbed on the bars and we started playing. We went up side down, jumped, went back to the ground, up again….

Then one of Hubby’s friends joined us with her two kids.

The grown-ups engaged in a serious conversation about language schools while we started playing tag.

Running, shouting, turning endlessly around tree trunks.

With Duderino not knowing what to do but still understanding that running all over and shouting as loud as he could would do the job.

It was really fun.

But then, Duderina and I were kind of tired so we climbed back up on the bars and lied horizontally on them.

Duderina, who always knows how to maximize comfort, took her padded Ugg-like shoes off, placed one under my head, one under hers and lay next to me.

We could see nothing but huge trees and the sky. A clear blue one, with very few clouds.

It was the end of the day and the light was this magical daily miracle with orange, pink and purple shades.

Our bodies side by side, lying still. Our breath synchronized.

A couple planes left hazy lines behind them.

We followed them for a while.

And just stayed there.

Until I forgot where we were, what time of day it was or how old I am.

Until I was a kid again.


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  In our adult lives, we have very little time to play, do nothing and lose track of time. Being able to connect to the child in you is relaxing and regenerating.


This journey is really surprising! I keep learning everyday.

One of the most important lesson I’ve learnt is to listen to my kids and try to do things the way they want instead of imposing my ideas.

Let me tell you why.

In my early twenties, I learnt a lot of things about life: how to love, how to work, how to deal with people…

In my thirties, I improved those skills until I (thought I) mastered them.

My forties is a new stage: I know how to do a certain amount of things. And I want to do them my way.

And it’s not necessarily a good thing because I end up stuck in what I know. 

Often, mdaughter comes to me and insists things her own way. When I started this journey, my first impulse was to resist. And now I’m starting to be more and more flexible. Why?

Because every time I did things her way, I learnt something new.

So my advice is: if you’re going to a playground with your kids, forget about what you know and follow them. You’ll be surprised!

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