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1 h



Yesterday, the left side of my neck hurt. And the day before, it was the right side that did.

The pain in itself was totally bearable. It was more of a percinious twinge, sending small electric waves from time to time.

That kind of pain is the worst.

Because it’s not strong enough to take you to the doctor but it’s more than enough to bother you in your daily activities.

I think it comes from all this sitting in front of the computer and all this Duderino and grocery shopping carrying.

When I’m in Morocco, I usually fix it by going to an osteopath: it’s super efficient and one session is enough to get me going for 6 months pain-free. But this option is way too much expensive in DC.

So yesterday, I tried a new thing called Yoga and Alignment.

The teacher, who had a lovely British accent, told me that the principle of the teaching was to awaken the spine.

I loved this concept: awakening the spine.

I pictured myself straightening and stretching out, bringing light and lightness into my back. It sounded beautiful.

I loved the sentence but I loved the class better.

The practice consisted in a series of gentle and easy exercises to balance the body and put everything back in place. Using the power of gravity to let go and surrender.

One hour felt too short.

But it was enough to send me directly to bed, knocked out, and get me to sleep until 6 AM.

Will definitely take it again.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Back and neck pain are very common. Aligning your spine is a preventive as well as a curative practice to help you reduce that pain and gain greater balance.


For that type of class, you need to wear really comfy clothes: large pants and t-shirts.

Don’t wear your work out clothes: they’re too tight and uncomfortable.

Bring your mat or rent one (most studios offer rentals), water and socks. 

The Yoga and Alignment class I tried was based on the teaching of  Vanda Scaravelli, an italian pianist and yogi who developed a practice based on surrendering to gravity. The practice is very gentle but also deep.

This interesting article will tell you more about her and if you want to dig further into her teaching, her book Awakening The Spine is a good read.

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