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Zero (I shared a present)

I’m pretty sure I was a marshmallow in a previous life.

And when I reincarnated into a human, my heart remained soft and spongy. Ready to melt at the first occasion.

Yesterday was Valentines’ day and my dear friend Amaria joined me at my office with a lovely surprise: a box of chocolates.

I wasn’t expecting it and she had absolutely no reason to bring me anything.

So I was really touched.

And started thinking about how a kind gesture can warm a heart.

Amaria, thank you so much for the thought.

On my behalf. And on behalf of the dozen strangers who shared the box with me

Because I gave a chocolate in your name to anyone who was willing to satisfy their sweet tooth.

I enjoyed very much the chocolate but I enjoyed much more:

– The proud I felt in overcoming the discomfort of offering chocolates to strangers (not all of them accepted)
– The pleasure of watching a surprised and genuine smile light up their faces, (especially those of the grocery store employees at 9 PM)
– The satisfaction of taking my share of joy and giving the rest away.

My friends, that was one of the most gratifying self-care acts I have done so far.

It was also one of the simplest: share what life brings you with others.

To be more accurate, yesterday I wasn’t just a marshmallow. I was a marshmallow which spent too much time in a bottle of champagne, and kept a bubbly, light and joyful heart.

From a happy day, love to all! And thank you Amaria!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Sharing chocolates is less for your stomach (especially if, like me, you can’t stop before you finish the box) and more your soul. Win/Win..


The hardest thing with this Self-Care Act is to talk to strangers.

I’m not shy but I felt uncomfortable offering chocolates to peole I don’t know.

So I started with the ones sitting next to me in my Starbucks office: I felt more confident in this environment. I’m glad I did because all of them said no 

 I needed to be encouraged to keep going, so I offered them to a barista I know and he said yes!

The first person who accepts your chocolate will give you the confidence to keep going.

You can try this self-care with someone as a joint act. It’s easier to approach a stranger when you’re not alone.

If you still can’t, sharing your chocolates with your family and friends is great too: they won’t be less happy than a stranger.

Much love to all!

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