go to a botanic garden





3 h


Zero (if you’re lucky and live in Washington, DC)

This act of self-care sounds soooooo boring.

You might think: going to a botanic garden can be fun for a kid, maybe. But me?

You might be right. But you might be wrong too

Because that’s what I did yesterday and it was like traveling the world in one afternoon without taking a plane.

The US Botanic Garden in Washington, DC is not big but it recreates the natural climatic conditions in which every plant grows.

If you go to the desert section for example, the room is hot and dry, with very little air.

If you’re in Hawai, the breeze is fresh but the air is warm and humid just like when you’re on the Island (I’ve never actually been there but that’s how I feel it’s like).

In the Botanic Garden, each room is separated from the other by an automatic glass door.

Each time you cross a door, you are in a new environment. It’s like teleportation.

Yesterday, I crossed several doors.

I went to Hawai, to the Arizona desert, to Brasil and Madagascar and I stayed in the tropics for a long time because it reminded me of the Hammam.

The tropics were super humid and warm, with almost no air circulating and, it might sound weird but I felt like staying there forever.

Eventually, I had to leave and I’m glad I did because I blossomed in the following room.

I hadn’t read the indication on the door telling me where I was but my body knew it before I did.

As soon as I crossed the automatic door, a deep feeling of comfort infiltrated me through my nostrils, opening me like a flower, one petal after the other.

Fig, olive, bougainvillea, rosemary, lavender, orange blossom, lemon and the soothing sound of a fountain.

I was in Granada, Spain, in the magnificent Alhambra gardens.

I was in Italy, under the lazy Toscany sun.

I was in Portugal, with my sister and a sea bass grilling on a charcoal fire.

I was in Morocco.

With the brightest sun illuminating my face and my glittering teeth burning it back.

Oh my, that was good!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Nature helps us connect to our inner self. And let our emotions talk: very important for our personal balance.


For many of my Self-Care Acts, except those involving silence and meditation, I highly recommend that you take kids with you, either yours or one you “borrow” (by the way, by taking other’s people kids you’d make everybody happy: you, because wandering with a kid is heart warming, the kid because it’s more fun to go somewhere with Auntie or Uncle, and the parents because they can enjoy a free afternoon.)

Why take a kid with you? Because kids are curious and fun. To answer their questions, you will have to learn new things. And their playful attitude will bring joy to your day. 

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