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Not more than your regular meal

When my mom had us over for family gatherings, she would always make sure to treat us with delicious signature meals.

But the festivities never started with the food itself.

They began with the setting of the dining table.

Her choice of linens and dishes gave us precious information on the level of sophistication of the menu.

Embroidered table clothes and fine China were the unmistakable signs of a delight to come.

For Mom, our eyes deserved the same treatment as our bellies.

When the salads came, and I’m sure all my Moroccan friends will know what I’m referring to, we would get a splash of colors right into the face: red cubic beets sprinkled with parsley, finely sliced cucumber with crushed thyme, chopped greens decorated with purple Kalamata olives and preserved lemon slices, grated carrots with cinnamon powder, and on and on and on.

All the colors of the rainbow were invited to the table for the revelry.

Of course, the final fate of the dozen salads around the table was to end up in our stomachs.

But their untold purpose was to dance around the main plates: broiled lamb shoulder with colorful farandoles of vegetables or giant sea-bream with marinated potatoes, carrots, peppers, lemon slices, cilantro and olives served in extra large 20 inches circular China plates.

A silver tea platter was always at her right, burning hot, with a tea pot surrounded like a royal by red, blue, green and white glasses:

– Meryem, which color would you like? The red, as usual?
– Ummm……no Mamma. I’ll have the green one today. I’m in the mood for some change.


I’m far from being as sophisticated as my mom in my daily life.

But yesterday, I wanted to eat something beautiful, colorful and treat my eyes with joy and happiness.

Hence, my modest salad, which is bringing back these precious memories I’m sharing with you.

Love to all, my friends and thank you for following me.


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? While your meal will take care of your hunger, beauty will feed your soul.

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”        Edgar Allan Poe


If you think you can’t make a beautiful plate, look at my picture and see with your own eyes that I can’t either: it‘s the intent that counts.

To get the most benefit of this self-care act, give your full attention to your plate setting.

I don’t need to tell you to eat slowly: if you made an effort to decorate your plate, you will eat slowler than usual because you will value it more.

Both decorating your plate and eating slowly will help you develop your ability to practice Mindfulness, a therapeutic technique, in which your mental state is focused on the present moment. Why is mindfulness important and how it can change your life? 

Watch this 9-minute Ted Talk: All it takes it 10 Mindful minutes.

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