start my day with a meditation practice





5-10 minutes



When I woke up yesterday, right after stepping out of bed, half of my brain was looking for my hair tie and second half was reminding me of stuff: go to the bank to make that deposit, recover lost password after laptop repair, blah blah blah blah blha.

I hate waking up with a cluttered mind.

First, because it’s a lot of stress.

Second because it’s a lot of USELESS stress. In most cases, everything is already on my to-do.

Unfortunately, it happens a lot. So I have a solution, a miraculous mind clutter-killer: it’s called Meditation Studio.

It’s a free App I have downloaded and installed on my phone about a year ago.

I use it as my personal meditation guide.

When I want to meditate, all I have to do is browse among categories and select the meditation that’s appropriate for me at the moment: deal with a difficult moment, stress body scan, fly like a bird…

Meditations range from 1 to 30 minutes, so depending on my mood and on the time I have,I select the one that works best for me.

Yesterday, I picked up a 7-minute meditation called ‘Morning practice”.

Theses 7 minutes were a precious investment.

They quieted down my mind immediately and helped me consider my day with more perspective.

What seemed very important minutes ago became what it really was:

Something I had to do.

Something I would do the best I can.

But still something the world didn’t need to go round.


 WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?    Meditation is a fantastic way to reset priorities and quiet the mind. One of  the best way to start the day, ready to face your challenges.



On busy or stressful mornings, we tend to skip taking care of ourselves. It should be the opposite.

Practice this self-care act ESPECIALLY if you’re busy or stressed. Your meditation break doesn’t have to be long to be efficient. 

If you’re not familiar with meditation, I highly recommend that you download an App or connect to a website to be guided in your practice.

I like very much the App I’m using. It’s called the Meditation Studio.

What I love about it is that you can choose the type of meditation you want to practice (morning, anti-stress, energy booster…),  the teacher you want to listent to and the lenght of your break, ranging from very short from 1-min break to much longer ones (30 minutes or more). 

I also can suggest you  this post by Leo Babauta a famous blogger and Zen adepts.   

Meditation for beginners and if you want to read more, go to his blog: Zenhabits

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