email starbucks manager to thank him





5 minutes



I don’t about you but most of my friends have a Starbuck’s name.

A Starbuck’s name is the name you give to place your orders at Starbuck’s.

You know how it works: you order a coffee, they prepare it and when ready, you can hear : “Hot Grande Green Tea for Meryem. Meryem”

It’s makes things more personal than calling you by a number.

I like it.

The only problem is that lots of people have uncommon names, especially in cosmopolite areas like DC or New York for example.

I have a friend called Remmelt. His Starbucks name is Jim.
My friend Amaria has become Flo.
My friend Lamia is Lisa.
And my friend Rafeal is “Number 5”.

My name -Meryem- a very common one in Morocco can be tricky here.

At Starbuck’s, I had several names. Actually, I had as many names as of moods.

Somedays, I was Mimi. Others, I was Marion. Or Marylin. Or Maria. Others days, I was just Meryem (pissed Meryem actually): M-E-R-Y-E-M !

But this was the past.

As you know, I use my local Starbuck’s as my office everyday.

I know the whole team behind the counter. I love them.

They are all very friendly, jovial and super efficient, The coffee place is one of the busiest I’ve seen but still they’re always smiling, playful and available for some friendly chit-chat.

There is Ricardo, Sew, Aisyah, Roni, Rita and many others. But these 5 are my best Starbucks buddies.

Obviously, they don’t ask for my name anymore. They don’t even ask for my order. Grande Green Tea. Hot. I need to tell them from far in the queue if I want something else.

Yesterday, they went a step further in this “I-know-you-thing”.

At the delivery counter, there were many cups. 5, to be precise. I checked them all. There was one for Stephanie. One for Jim. Two for Mary. The last one had no name on it.

I raised my head and before I said anything, Aysiah told me: “yeah, this is yours, Meryem”.

It really made me feel at home. It may be nothing for some people but it warmed my heart and gave my day a fantastic start.

So I wanted to give it back.

I took the business card of the district manager from the display counter and I sent him a long email saying how much this location’s staff is great.

How well managed the place is.

And what a happy customer I am.

It took me 5 minutes.

And made my day.


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If you can’t find the email of the manager (at Starbucks, it’s on the counter), you can still write a positive review on Yelp or Google Maps for example.

When things are wrong, we always notify them. Why not do it when they’re right?

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