stop talking after 6 pm





The whole evening



Yesterday, I stopped talking at 6 PM.

Which means I was quiet while making dinner for Duderino and Duderina, while they were eating, while I was getting them ready for bed, while I was having dinner with Hubby and while the two of us were relaxing before going to sleep.

I stopped talking as a consequence of the cold I have.

My throat hurt and I thought that if they could talk -literally, I mean- my vocal cords would ask for a break.

I told both Hubby and Duderina that I would observe silence and at 6 PM sharp, I closed my mouth until this morning.

Duderino being too young to understand the concept, I didn’t tell him a thing. He didn’t seem to be bothered anyways by the silent version of Mom.

As a result of this experiment, I have a couple observations to share with you.

Observation#1: Kids listen much more when you don’t talk.

When I wanted to get their attention, I clapped in my hand, very softly. Believe me or not but each time I tried, it worked at the first clap.

Observation#2: Cooking feels like a meditation practice

I could hear the sound of the knife on the cutting board and that of the butter in the pan. And because I was calm and relaxed when I called them for dinner, Duderino and Duderina were more quiet and centered too.

Observation#3: affection and attention can take variable forms

I used my eyes and my facial expressions to say things. And I noticed that I smiled much more than usual. I don’t know why. Maybe because not talking allowed me to open my eyes wider and see how cute the kids are

Observation#4: silence is a form of minimalism

It gets easily complicated to say things without talking, especially when you’re not used to it. Sometimes, I wrote down what I wanted to say. But other times, I just abandoned. As a consequence, I ended up saying only the important things and let go all the rest.

Observation#5: No talking slows the pace

And this is very relaxing…When time came, I hugged and kissed the kids to bed and enjoyed silence while I was waiting for Hubby.

Observation#6: No talking is fun

You can play Taboo, mime and Twister all at once. Try to tell your daughter to put her pajamas on, use soap to wash her hands and brush her teeth, while preventing your toddler from escaping diaper time and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Observation#7: No talking is fun (bis)

With Hubby and Duderina, I used a piece of paper to express what seemed to be indispensable ideas. Here are some extracts:
– the other one was better
– they’re sharing
– this is magic
– hurt. hurt. Inside.
– Facebook is only a platform
– + honey
– It’s not the text I want

Don’t worry if you don’t understand. I don’t either.

Observation#8: I am very polite

The word I used most, both as a gesture and on paper is “Thank You”. It doesn’t support any point but it’s always nice to learn positive things about yourself.

CONCLUSION: I will do it again.

And I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not but Hubby told me 2 things regarding this self-care act:
1. You see Honey, I support every crazy idea you have.
2. You can do this self-care act as often as you like. I support you.

What do you think he meant ?:)

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Talking requires more energy than you think. It’s only when you stop that you fully realize it. Plus, not talking will push you to use other senses that the ones you usually do. This Self-Care act was educational and soothing.


I really enjoyed this self-care. It was relaxing AND fun.

If you want to duplicate the experiment, keep in mind that not talking is different from what you usually do: as a consequence, your evening will be different too.

Don’t try to force things to be what they usually are. 

Just observe and have fun. If you’re a bit late on your daily planning, which is very likely to happen, it’s ok and it’s part of the game.

If you don’t want to have to stop your self-care abruptly, inform your family and friends about it.

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