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As you can see on the picture, yesterday, I made myself some popcorn and I watched a cult movie, Grease.

I went to bed pretty early and I was excited to enjoy it for the first time.

Actually, I think it was the first time. I have the vague impression that I have seen it before but while I was watching, I couldn’t remember any scene.

Coming from me, that’s not surprising.

For those who don’t know it, I have several nicknames (including, Mimi, Maimish, The Dude) and one of them is Dory.

You know this cute little blue fish in the movie Nemo? Well, she and I have two characteristics in common: we are unreasonably optimistic AND we can’t remember a thing.

So I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve watched this cult movie for the first time. Even if I’m not sure it was really the first time.

But wait, wait, wait, I’m misleading you here, because I’m giving the impression that this whole post is about Grease. It’s not. It’s about getting ready to watch a cult movie. It’s about getting excited at the perspective of living a unique moment.

The movie itself is the final step, the cherry on the cake, that comes as the conclusion of a long series of intermediary rituals during which happiness is at its maximum.

1. Before watching a great movie, I’m happy all day long at the perspective of going to bed, making myself comfortable in this quiet, warm and safe environment called my bedroom.

2. Then, when the evening comes, I make sure the kids are in bed, with all they need at arm distance. Bottle of milk for Duderino and bottle of water for Duderina.

3. Once this step is over, I breathe deeply into my evening freedom.

4. Then I make myself some tea. That’s one of my favorite moments. Place the cup in the microwave, choose my evening infusion, and wait for the water to warm up.

5. Then I change my clothes for my pajamas to be even more comfy.

6. Then, I go to bed and hang out on Netflix for a while. I don’t like this part very much but it’s part of the ritual. I spend the next 30 minutes watching trailers which usually leads to a mix of the following thoughts: this movie is poorly rated on Imdb, this one has great reviews but low ratings on Rotten tomatoes, I’m not in the mood for this one, this one seems so great that I want to watch it with Hubby, this one with my sister…Oh, this one is perfect for today!

7. After picking up my movie, comes the consecration of the day: the preparation of my sweet and salty bowl of popcorn!

I am now ready to sit and watch.

Which I usually do for no more than 30 minutes because it’s already late and I’m exhausted (but never before finishing my pop-corn.)

So, dear friends, although I wasn’t able to finish Grease yesterday, I had a great time and I enjoyed every single minute of my preparation.

As we all know, never mind the destination, the pleasure is in the journey!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? The perspective of watching a good movie (and eating pop-corn) is emtionally pleasant, especially if you’ve planned it one day or two before. You can enjoy the movie AND the prospect of watching it.


I picked the movie Grease because I had heard about it a dozen times and had never seen it.

To be honest, I didn’t like it that much. 

So when you pick up a movie, try to verify the source or ask with friends with similar tastes if they liked it.

And if you end up not liking it that much, it’s no big deal. Eat the pop-corn or ice cream and go to sleep 🙂

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