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Do you know what it’s like to be in bed, relaxed and suddenly think about something important you want to do the next day?

Like change the name of your Facebook page and instead of calling it “The Self-Care Journey”, call it “Meryem’s Self-Care Journey”, so that it’s more personal. Because you want people to know that you’re a real person doing real stuff and not some kind of impersonal page?

Or give a call to your friend Yasmina for her birthday, because you want her to know that you think about her and she’s important to you?

Or enroll your daughter in a cooking class because the deadline for registration is the day after?

These thoughts are actually the ones that crossed my mind yesterday before falling asleep.

That kind of ideas usually bother me because I’m concerned about not forgetting about them.

Depending on my lucidity of the moment, I either:

– Email myself to find a reminder in my inbox the next morning
– Let the idea loop in my mind and bother me all night

But I find neither options to be good. The latter for obvious reasons: I want to sleep at night.

The former because once I pick up my phone, my evening tranquility is over. Why?

Because, I can’t help but check everything and I usually get:
– Whatsapp and LinkedIn messages,
– Facebook notifications,
– Emails in my inbox.

And I end up loosing 1 hour of my resting time.

So even if emailing myself during daytime is very convenient, practice showed me that it’s not on evenings.

So yesterday, I decided to implement one simple, easy and so obvious routine that I’m surprised I’ve never done it before:

Place a notebook and a pen on my nightstand, write down all my ideas as they pop-up and free my mind.

Morpheus, here I come!

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  If you don’t write down your ideas to remind yourself of things that cross your mind at night, they might loop all night and prevent you from sleeping.

If you use your phone as a notepad, you might end up checking your Facebook, your Twitter or any other social media account, delay your sleep by 2 hours and lack sleep in the morning.

A notepad is an easy and super cheap way to solve the problem.


I love small notepads for a double reason: I can hold them in my hands AND put them in my bag in the morning if I need to take them with me.

This self-care act has one problem I need to warn you about: it’s the pen.

Pens, like socks in washing machines, tend to disappear. 

I think I’m going to attach my pen to the nightstand handle with a string and see how it goes.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Much love to all.

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