wash my brain with a river





10-15 minutes



The sound you hear on this video is the reason why I go to the Great Falls on the Potomac river.
And yesterday something unexpected and magical happened.

But let me start by the beginning.

Right when you start the trail, 5 minutes after leaving the parking lot, there is a promenade which runs along the river.

Most people come here to see the spectacular falls at the end of the trail. I do too.

But I make sure to stop by the river before starting my mini-hike. The view is quite ordinary but the sound is amazing.

It gives me the impression of putting my head in a washing machine, with a fresh capsule of mineral stone-scented detergent. When I get out of there, my mind is clear.

So clear that I can’t hear my thoughts anymore.

It’s only after this unique purifying ritual that I start walking and enjoying the trails, ready to see, smell and feel.

Ready to be surprised by the rain and instead of covering my head, look at the sky and feel every drop on my face.

Ready to smell the rocks releasing their heat and smoke under the water.

Ready to feel the trees and wonder what story they carry.

And yesterday, something enchanted happened.

When we were on our way back to the car, there was this majestic tree, standing between two trails, not far from a very old construction.

It was standing there, strong and delicate.

As I was getting closer to it, I started being wrapped by a warmth and comforting energy.

I stopped and asked my daughter:
– Do you feel anything special?
– Shhhh, mama, looking at the tree, let’s get closer.

And then whispering:
– It’s like this tree is casting a spell on us.

And there we stood, feeling the peaceful, steady, balanced energy of the tree. I looked at her, amazed:
– You really feel a cast?
– Of course I do.

And she resumed her walk to the car.

I was awed. I left silently, turning back from time to time, to look at the tree.

I was thinking: How to explain this feeling? Do trees have souls? Can I tell this story and not being looked at as a hippie?

My daughter was already doing something else, as if nothing extraordinary had happened.

And that’s probably what we, adults, should do more often: stop trying to give everything a name and let the magic in our lives.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Our ears are sollicitated more than we think. There is always noise/sounds around us: colleagues talking, keyboards typing, cars driving…Feeding your ears with sounds you love is like eating great food or inhaling nice smells. It feels great!


There are lots of ways to ‘”Wash your brain with a river”:

You can do it with an ocean, with a stream, with crikets…Almost all nature sounds are good for that.

If you go for a walk on your own, use all your senses to feel deeply what you hear, smell and see.

If you’re taking someone with you, make sure you’re on the same page.  If the person wants to talk and you want to feel, you might end up both frustrated and or/angry at each others because of your different expectations.

If you have no parks, forests, lake in your neighborhood, you can go to a quiet room and connect to this website: It has pretty cool nature sound tracks.

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