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At the end of November, I was feeling a bit tired. I had a hard time getting out of bed and keeping my focus in the afternoon.

So I asked my friend and in-call general practitioner to give me a list of Vitamins to use as dietary supplements and energy boosters.

I was really disappointed when he told me the only thing I needed was Vitamin D. And a healthy and balanced diet, with enough exercise and sleep. But what about Vitamine C, E, B ? What about Zinc and Magnesium? And all other appealing bottles I see at my grocery store?

Well, the answer is: you don’t need them Eat healthy. Lots and fruits and vegetables. Enough proteins. Enough fish. Grains. Get enough sleep. Exercise. And you’re going to be (and feel) totally fine.

So why Vitamine D then? His answer:

“Vitamin D is not present in sufficient amounts in food. So eating healthy alone is not enough to fill your daily needs.

Vitamin D is also called the Sun Vitamin, because it is secreted by the body when you’re exposed to the sun. In the winter, our bodies lack sun exposure. And I wouldn’t recommend you anyways to take a sun bath because of the risks of developing skin cancer.”

Dear Stanislas (that’s his name), thank you so much for your advice, which I‘m following starting from today.

Except for the sun exposure. Having been a cat in a previous life, laying on the floor enjoying a sun ray, is in my genes. And there is nothing I can do about it


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Vitamin D, AKA the Sun Vitamin, is produced by the body when exposed to the sun. During the winter, a vitamin D cure will help you get the daily recommended intake for a stronger immune system and bones.



Intake:You should take a daily dose of 1000 U.

If you want a weekly intake instead, buy the 10000 U.

Time of day: There is no better time at which you can take it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

Before, during or after meal: when you do your intake doesn’t matter.

This is an easy peasy self-care, right? 

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