clean my place. clear my mind





2-4 h



House cleaning has powerful mind clearing properties.

I experienced this yesterday. After 4 hours working on a paper I was not particularly satisfied of, I was feeling a bit down.

Couldn’t decide on what to do for the rest of my day. So I tried to go out for a walk. But it was freezing outside and I couldn’t walk for more than 2 blocks.

I went back home and started thinking about what would really cheer me up and give me a heartening feeling of satisfaction when I go to bed.

Looking around me gave me the answer: my place was a mess. There were toys and clothes around, bread crumbs on the carpet, moderately clean bathroom tiles….

So decision made: I would clean the place.

The more I rubbed, washed, vacuum cleaned, the better I felt. Literally, the cleaner my house was getting, the clearer my mind.

So I did a little research to see if there are any scientific studies on that. And I found a couple things you might find interesting.

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute conducted a study on the effects of clutter on the primary visual cortex and the results are stunning: when your environment is cluttered, your ability to focus is restricted. As simple as that.

According to another study conducted by the department of Physical Activity of the Indiana University, people with the cleanest homes are healthier and more active than others.

No wonders cleaning my house acted as a mood booster…

So dear friends, even if you can afford a house keeper, I suggest that you personally clean your house from time to time. Then change your sheets, take a shower, look around you. And enjoy the fruit of your labor.


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Clutter affects negatively our ability to focus (read the post on your left for more details on studies about clutter).


Whether you can afford or not a housekeeper, try this self-care act. If you’re not used to cleaning your place, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the effect deeper.

Try to see cleaning not as a chore you want to get rid of but as a meditative experience to which you dedicate your full attention.

If you try to get over it fast, the only results you’ll have is that:

1. you’re not going to clean as well as as if you’d taken your time

2. the whole cleaning process will be stressful and painful.

Be in the moment and let your thoughts wander.

If it’s too much of an effort for you, put some music on and sing outloud or dance.

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