have a good laugh


Emotional/ Physical/ Psychological



30 minutes – 1 hour



Guys, stop what you’re doing and look for opportunities to laugh. The, an online guide to mental, emotional and social health in partnership with the Harvard Health Publication, listed the benefits of laughter on our health and social interactions. I ‘m sure you’ll be happy to know about them. Here they are:

Physical health benefits
– Boost immunity
– Lower stress hormones
– Decrease pain
– Relax muscles, burn calories
– Prevent heart disease

Mental health benefits
– Add joy and zest to life
– Ease anxiety and tension
– Relief stress
– Improve mood and mental functioning
– Enhance resilience, improve self-esteem
– Help overcome anger and resentment

Social benefits
– Strengthen relationship
– Attract other to us, reduce loneliness
– Enhance teamwork
– Help diffuse conflict
– Promote group bonding

I had no idea before playing with my laptop’s camera effects that I was being that good to myself and to my daughter. We spent a whole hour posing and laughing. I feel so grateful to have such fantastic kids, always ready to do silly stuff and make me laugh.

Thank you, Life.


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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Having a good laugh decreases stress and helps release endorphins, the body natural’s feel good chemicals.


For this self-care act, you don’t have to do a thing. Find an easy-going partner, relax and go with the flow.

I like doing my self-care acts with Duderina because she shows me different ways of doing things.

I always have a pretty precise idea of what I want to do. But she does too. 

So we always argue a little bit before meeting in the middle.

But always end up having more fun than expected.


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