remove raisinets from my evening diet








This post will be short. It’s a text for the commemorative plaque of a future old habit: Eating Raisinets -these ridiculously delicious chocolate coated California raisins- every night before going to sleep.

I have so many wonderful memories
of the times we shared together,
Of the books we read and the movies we watched.

You kept me company
and were always here to satisfy my sweet tooth,
You never said no to my cravings
and taught me to wait patiently for the evenings.

I love and will miss you dearly.

But Raisinets, it is time for me to move on,
And leave the upset stomach and the heartburn behind.

Death is just a chapter of life,
And it is time for me to write another prose,
With my new caring companion,
Soothing infusion of Verbena and Rose.

With all my love.

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WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Getting rid of unhealthy eating habits improves overall physical and psychological well-being. But beware my friends, the idea is not to get rid of all things you like. Eating Raisinets can be a positive emotional act of self-care. The problem here was that I ate too much (one box/evening) AND every day. AND that it hurt.


If you have a bad habit, the easiest way to get over it is to replace it with a good one, preferably one that brings you pleasure.

I love Raisinets but I love infusions too. So after the first couple days during which I was craving for Raisinets, i got used to not having them every day and was waiting impatiently for my evening infusion.

Tell me if it works for you too.

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