list all the things you’ve done today





20 minutes



I’m sure the vast majority of you have a never ending to-do list, one item replacing the other, day after day.

If that’s the case, I highly recommend that you try this easy self-care act: take a moment in the evening to list all the things you’ve done during the day.

That’s what I did yesterday, at 10 PM. Doing it confirmed one thing that I suspected for a while: I do much more than I think. I’m sure you do too.

But being sure about something is much more powerful and comforting than just suspecting it.

A little note here: Duderino is off-school this week and I tried to do tasks that are possible to perfom in his presence. He was with a babysitter while I was writing my post but I’m surprised by how much I can do while he’s here. It’s good news: little baby is almost a big guy now.

Here is my list:

  • Make my bed and clean up my bedroom
  • Prepare Duderina’s lunch box
  • Have breakfast
  • Get kids ready 
  • Make sure their room is tidy and beds are made before leaving
  • Take Duderina to school
  • Feed Mike, Mo and Daisy, respectively my neighbors’ dog and cats because my neighbors are away
  • Skype with my cousin while Duderino played with Mike
  • Find and buy a travel bag at a reasonable price (and it’s hard, believe me)
  • Shop for Duderina’s summer wardrobe (shorts, skirts, tees..)
  • Get presents for my family in Morocco
  • Have lunch with little Duderino at Chipotle
  • Take him to bed
  • Try to nap
  • Realize I’m too agitated to sleep
  • Review the files for my skin care labels
  • Make changes to the labels
  • Place the order and make sure the labels are delivered on time
  • Discover a new App (I’ll tell you more about it in the near future)
  • Contact a friend to try to get an important appointment
  • Schedule an appointment at the doctor
  • Write The Self-Care Journey’s post of the day
  • Post it
  • Review and activate the pop-up window for
  • Write and post the recap of last week’s 7 self-care acts 
  • Make arrangements to borrow a travel bed for Duderino this summer
  • Schedule an important Skype appointment for today
  • Make dinner
  • Feed Mike and the cats again. Play with Mike.
  • Do my 2-minute plan pose routine
  • Have dinner and clean up
  • Take Duderino to bed who, like all toddlers, knows no better game than running naked when getting ready for bed
  • Wash Duderina (and comb her hair. God knows how messy it can get)
  • Email lawyer and accountant for business matters
  • Make arrangements to go to the bank on Friday with Hubby
  • Assess my day
  • See how much I’ve done
  • Feel happy
  • Reward myself with a Mochi green tea ice-cream
  • Finish reading my book and a documentary while re-rewarding myself with dark chocolate
  • Turn the lights off
  • Sleep well

All of the above are true except the last item.

Mike was depressed and I allowed him to sleep in my bedroom. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t enough for him. He kept trying to climb up my off-limits bed all night long.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize I can add one last thing to this list:

Win the Battle of the Night because I managed to keep him on the carpet 🙂

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Listing what you’ve done with your day is highly rewarding: you how much you’ve accomplished and feel achievement.


An App insired me this self-care act.

It’s called 3 Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing

The only option I used is a very useful (and free) one.

During registration, you’re asked to schedule 3 pauses:

  • One in the morning saying: “Time for a pause: Take a deep breath in and smile”
  • One mid-day: “Time for a pause: Observe 5 of your breaths”
  • One at the end of the day: “Time for a pause- Take time to reflect about today”

The last reminder really spoke to me: the 2 times I assessed my day I felt proud of what I had done.

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