bring donut to my neighbor





15 minutes



Yesterday, I had an appointment at lunch time and I was hungry.

As I was parking, I spotted a small Asian restaurant that looked perfect for a quick lunch break.

30 minutes later, I am walking towards it when I see this sign: Duck Donuts.

My neighbor’s favorite place!

Where donuts are baked in front of you, where you choose your toppings and see the burning hot pastries go from a plain stage to a super-ornamented one with sprinkles and glazes of all colors and tastes.

And where the smell is so delicious and mouthwatering that you order an assortment of multicolor donuts, get out of there and forget about having lunch.

That’s obviously what happened to me yesterday.

I ended up 20 minutes later, sitting in my neighbor’s living room and trying donut after donut: half of this one and half of this one. Oh and this one looks good and we should try this one.

And then I said: “I’d rather come back this afternoon with the kids and have tea and donuts properly.”

And then Ann reminded me that we had planed to have dinner together. I had totally forgotten about it.

I laughed, still chewing.

     –  You’re laughing at yourself? she said.

     –  No, I’m laughing because these donuts are great and I’m happy.


A few hours later, here we are, two families in the backyard, a salad and chips on the table, grilling meat and sausages, kids and Mike running around.

A gentle warm breeze in the air and tree-tops moving in the wind.

A perfect dinner on a perfect spring evening.

Who thought donuts could do that?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? I’m always touched when someone has a thoughtful gesture towards me. Especially when I don’t expect it. And I suspect the opposite to be true. Bringing a little something to someone, especially if it’s not something valuable, is a way to say: I’ve been thinking of you, you’re important for me. When you see surprise and happiness of your friends eyes, you’re happy in return.


In previous settings, I got to meet with two neighbors who showed me how important it is to be nice and friendly.

The first one was in Casablanca. A couple days after moving in our building, this new neighbor threw a party to which he invited family, friends and all other neighbors, including us. We’d been living there for 3 or 4 years and it was the first I’d share a meal with them.

The second one was a family in California. They saw us moving in and a few days later, the whole family arrived at our place with homemade treats to welcome us.

In both occasions, we were touched by these simple acts of kindness. We felt safe, surrounded by people who knew us and who would care for us in case we needed something.

Since then, I try to be nice to my neighbors, invite them and make my neighborhood a friendlier place.

Not all people respond favorably but most do. 

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