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Same as shopping ungratefully

If you’re reading this post, you’re among the luckiest people on earth.

Because it means that you have an Internet connection, that you have a laptop or a mobile phone, that you can afford thinking about taking care of yourself and/or that you have enough time to hang out on this blog.

I’m here also so I’m a lucky person too.

Problem is that sometimes, we just forget about it. That’s why it’s good to have little reminders. Here is the one I had yesterday at 8:35 PM on a rainy Friday.

Last thing I wanted to do? Go grocery shopping. But I had to. I was a bit upset.

But because I’m a lucky person, an image comes to my mind and takes me far away

15 years ago

I am in a financially difficult situation, in the midst of a divorce, with a toddler to take care of, having an underpaid (still interesting) job, but not being able to afford a car.

Grocery shopping is kind of complicated for me.

On Sundays, I go to the closest store with little dudeness by my side, and get back home walking.

The store is only a 15-min walk to my house. But 15 minutes with a toddler and bags is a lot.

Luckily, I am on a budget so I can only buy the basic stuff for the week. Still, it is exhausting. But I don’t really think about it: I have other problems to take care of. 

Fast forward to a couple years later.

My financial situation is much better.

Here I am at the same grocery store, pushing an overloaded cart, full of groceries for the week but also treats and little things that are totally superfluous, unnecessary but delicious.

I am grumping because pushing the cart,taking it to the car by my own, unloading everything is heavy. 

Suddenly, the image projector in my head sends me back to this image of myself with His Dudeness, carrying bags with the few basic items I could afford at the time and walking in the streets of Casablanca.

I am shocked. This image superposition reminds me of the hard times I had and the luck I have to be shopping with a full cart and a car.

So I promise myself to be happy every time I shop.


You know how life is my friends. Once you get used to something,  you take if for granted.

That’s what happened to me yesterday, a rainy Friday at 8:35 PM. Grocery shopping again. When the only thing I want to do is go back home, have dinner and enjoy my evening.

I start being grumpy. But because I’m lucky, somethings reminds me of the two moments above and the promise I made to myself.

Mimi, remember, you’re lucky. Open your eyes and look. Look at :

  • The profusion of products around you
  • The money in your pocket
  • Your car in the parking lot

This reminder changed my mood. I started feeling happy. And when I got back home, life gave me a present.

Hubby and Duderina were waiting for me and I don’t know why yesterday, of all days, they greeted me at the door.

They both sat on the floor and opened the grocery bags looking at all the cool stuff, happy to see that I got chips and salmon, and avocado and crab and a bottle of wine and lots of other cool (but not unusual) things.

You might not believe me but Duderina really said: Wow, it looks like Christmas!

My conclusion? 

Gratefulness takes some communication channels I don’t know about. But it’s here. And it’s contagious.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Reminding ourselves that grocery shopping is a privilege is a great way to increase our daily happiness. It transforms a chore into a pleasure. #selfcare


Here is a list of the few things we often complain about on our ordinary lives. What’s amazing is that, if you change your perspective, they can be seen as gifts:

  • Complain about your boss, your employess or your colleagues: you work
  • Have to make dinner every day: you can afford eating every day
  • Argue with your partner: you have one
  • Repeat the same thing over and over to your kids: you have kids
  • Complain about a delayed flight: you can fly
  • Breath polluted air: you breathe
  • Have to take the car for a repair: you have a car
  • Dislike the service/the food at the restaurant: you can afford being at a restaurant. Plus, you can chew: not every one has healthy teeth

Well, there are so many that I recommend you just list the things that upset you and see how lucky you are to have them.

We all tend to forget about the things that are right with us. Having a little self-care act to remind you about them is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Love to all my friends and thanks for being here.

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