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I totally deserve one of my nicknames: Dory.

I’m as optimistic and deprived from memory as the little blue fish from the movie Nemo is.

But yesterday, I was a bit down.

Don’t ask me why, I can’t remember anymore.

What I remember is how I came to feel better.

I followed Hubby’s advice: “Go to your Starbucks, write your post and then we’ll go to our Japanese restaurant downtown. You’ll feel better, I promise”.

I wasn’t convinced but I trusted him. 

So I went to my office.

I started feeling better writing at my standing desk, drinking hot green tea, with all these familiar and friendly faces around me.

When I finished, I picked Hubby and the kids up and we went out for dinner.

At the restaurant, my blues faded miraculously. I know why.

  1. Ramen noodles remind me of California where I discovered them. I loved California and I still love everything related to California. Great times. Great memories. Ramen is part of them.
  1. The first time I cooked Ramen noodles was epic. I had just watched a documentary where they featured this famous Ramen noodle restaurant in Tokyos’ subway. It was so mouthwatering that I became obsessed with these noodles I had never tried.

 So I decided to prepare Ramen. Don’t ask me why I decided to make them, instead of looking for a restaurant. The answer to this question is a mystery.

But I have two memories of these noodles: the result and the grocery shopping.

The first one was great. The broth was super tasty and the whole dish tasted very good. We had no idea if it tasted like Ramen or not but still, we enjoyed it very much.

The second memory is related to the ingredients’ grocery shopping expedition. I went to this Japanese store in San Francisco Bay Area where everything was written in Japanese.

My list was on a paper and I couldn’t figure out were to find the ingredients because I didn’t know what they looked like.

The customers, the employees, all were Asian so I really had the impression that I had travelled to Japan.

People in the aisle smiled and bowed slightly, politely each time we crossed.

You might think it’s childish but I loved it. So I kept going from one aisle to another to cross people and bow over and over. 

When I was done acting stupid, I asked for help before heading home and making my noodles.

Since then, every time I eat Ramen, I remember this episode and it cheers me up.


  1. I had a root canal done two days ago and I still can’t chew on my left side. Ramens are perfect for that because you don’t need to chew much.


Now that I’ve given you this very rational theory about why I felf better yesterday, it’s time to confess that I’m not sure about it.

What I know for sure is that going to this little restaurant with Hubby and the kids, eating Ramen comforts me everytime I do.

So self-care it is.


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  For me, Ramen noodles is comfort food: it’s hot, substantial, easy to eat and makes me feel good. It is associated with good times and good memories. #Selfcare


It’s too bad I can’t remember the name of this documentary through which I discovered Ramen noodles.
But I have another one to recommend, about Sushis. It’s not the same thing at all but it shares 2 similarities with the first one: it’s Japanese and I loved it too!
It’s called Jiro, dreams of Sushis. It features Jiro,an 85-year-old sushi master who owns a 3-stars Michelin, 10-seat restaurant in Tokyos’ subway.
It’s fascinating!

Click here for the trailer.

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