fold your clothes mindfully





30 minutes



I thought I hated folding clothes.

I still think I don’t like it that much.

But now I know I can change this.

Because what I’ve realized yesterday is what I actually hate is not folding clothes but folding clothes and being impatient to finish.

Because, then, it is just a chore I want to get rid of to be able to do something I think is more more pleasant or more stimulating intellectually.

But what if I gave it my full attention?

What if I gave it the time it needs without trying to shorten the moment and get rid of it ASAP?

In other words, what if I tried folding clothes as a meditation practice?

Well, that’s what I did yesterday.

After taking Duderino to bed, I sat in the living room, Duderina on the carpet, playing with her new Lego set.

Trying to find missing pieces and build a stable.

I had a pile of freshly washed pants, baby shirts, socks and, jeans…

I folded the clothes with the same focus as Duderina played with her toys.  

The two of us were there, quiet, absorbed.

This moment reminded me of my own childhood.

When I used to sit with the adults in the TV room.

Feeling their comforting and warm presence while I was playing in my own world.

Ending almost always falling asleep, soothed by their words.

This thought crossed my mind: who knew folding is something my kids might remember as a happy moment when they grow up?

Definitely not me but hey, we learn something new every day, right?

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  When done mindfully, folding clothes is an active meditation practice. It’s excellent for quieting your mind and getting ready for a calm and easy evening.


What I suggest for this self-care act is to give your full attention to what you’re doing.

Forget your watch and forget about what you want to do next.

Even if –especially if- folding clothes is not your favorite activity, give it your full attention and time.

Sit in a comfortable position. Before starting, put your clothes in an accessible spot. And localize where you’re going to put your folded clothes .

You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Look closely at every item you’re folding.

Feel the texture with your hands.

Fold it deliberately, flattening the fabric with both hands.

You can focus on your breath but you don’t really have to.

Just be here and fold.

Like nothing else existed.


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