write a letter in code





10 minutes


$ 1.15 for the stamps

I’m having a hiccup while I’m writing this post.

I love hiccups.

Plus, it’s a fun coincidence to have one at this moment, while I’m looking for a quote about being playful, because hiccups remind me of my childhood.

I don’t know why but every time I have a hiccup, I go 30 years ago and I feel happy and light. 

Like I felt yesterday while I was writing this letter in code for my sister.

Don’t worry my friends, I’m not spoiling any surprise.

I told her I was sending a card. To be more accurate, she asked me to send her one. So I did.

The problem is that part of the fun is taken away when you know you’re getting a letter.

So I wrote in code.

As soon as I started writing, magically, my mental scheme changed: I instantaneously became playful.

So when Siri, my phone’s AI activated herself, I was ready to play.

And I tried to teach her how to pronounce my family name, Alaoui.

Here is what I got:

  • Adia roweed
  • Adley weed
  • Ad low bid
  • Alwee
  • Allali, which is ok, since at least, it’s a Moroccan family name.

Then, I taught her how to pronounce my first name, which wasn’t that fun because she got it right at the second attempt.

Then I asked her lots of other silly questions.

But I won’t bother you with that because I have no doubts that you all had whole conversations with her.

Plus, it’s time for me to leave because I don’t have hiccups anymore which is a sign that I might be getting too serious writing this post.

Bye-bye and see you tomorrow !


Writing in code is self-care because it keeps the child in you alive. And being a kid is much more fun than being an adult. And much smarter too.

“Children ask better questions than adults.  “May I have a cookie?” “Why is the sky blue?” and “What does a cow say?” are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than “Where’s your manuscript?” Why haven’t you called?” and “Who’s your lawyer?”  Fran Lebowitz


If you want to write in codes, here are a few ones you can get from Wiki How Write in code.

Or you can create one, which is what I did.

I think.

I hope my sister finds a way to read it because I’m not sure I’ll be able to 😀 

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