jump rope for 10 minutes





10 minutes



Yesterday, I jump-roped for 10 minutes.

Actually, I didn’t jump rope for 10 minutes. I jump-roped for 12 minutes.

And who’s ever done it before knows that 2 extra minutes is a lot.

That every minute is a lot.

Especially if your last memory of jump roping is almost as old as the musical Fame.

At that time, I thought jump roping was fun.

So yesterday, when I scheduled my 12-minute session, I thought it would be me some good and fun workout

After giving it a try, I confirm: jump roping is good workout.

As for the fun, it depends on how much of a masochist you are.

Because it’s super hard.

After an eternity of skipping, I was out of breath, sweating, tongue out.

And when I looked at my phone to see how much time I had left, it showed that I had 10 more minutes to go.

I almost stopped there. But I’m a woman of challenges. Especially when I have fervent supporters, Aka Mike the dog.

So I kept going. But I was able to do it only because I tried a few techniques that worked. Here they are to make your life easier if you want to try this self-care too:

Technique #1: diversify your jumps: 20 jumps on the left foot. 20 on the right. 20 on both. 20 backwards. 20 double left. 20 double right, etc.

Technique #2: focus on your breath, try to keep it as regular and deep as possible

Technique #3: focus on something else than your alarm clock. Look at the dog licking his pawn, at the sky turning purple, at the flowers on the trees.

If you need more to help you keep going, try the following:

Technique #4: take your shoes off to feel lighter.

Technique #5: if you’re shoes are light, take them off anyways; it will move the pain from your arms and calves to the soles of your feet.

Technique #6: be patient because when you find the right rhythm, jump roping gets easier. And then you have only 2 minutes left 😀

Next time, you might have fun!

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Jump rope is good for your heart. It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns lots of calories in a short time.


This self-care act was a bit hard but there are lots of cool things about it.

Jump roping:

  • Is cheap. All you need is a rope.
  • Can be done anywhere: in your office, in your room, in the street, in your backyard.
  • Is quick: a 10-minute slot is easy to schedule at any time of the day
  • Can be fun if you put music on (and if you can find your breath)
  • Warms you up quickly if you’re cold
  • Improves your balance and quickness
  • Is recommended by the American Heart Association because it’s an excellent cardio workout
  • Is a great workout for your brain because it involves coordination, rhythm and strategy
  • Is a full body workout

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