give free lunch to someone (on behalf of someone else)





5 minutes



I usually like to keep my good deeds secret. But this one doesn’t count because:

  • I’ve done it for the karma of someone other than myself
  • this person will never know about it

Here is the story of the little act that made my day yesterday.

As usual, I was at my Starbucks’ office in the morning when I noticed a paper bag on the chair in front of me; at my table.

Because it’s pretty common to share tables, I thought someone had left their bag there and went to place their order.

But after 5 minutes, I raised my head: nobody was lining anymore.

Yet, the paper bag was still on the chair.

So I thought the person was in the bathroom.

But again, after 15 minutes, nobody showed.

So I looked inside the bag.

There was a Starbucks Bistro box: a chicken sandwich, carrots and cucumbers, an apple and a mozzarella stick. Or something like that.

The box was closed with it’s original sticker on.

Someone had obviously forgotten to take it with them.

So I waited all morning for the person to come back and pick it up.

But at 2 PM, nobody had showed up yet and it was time for me to take a break.

That’s when my self-care act of the day picked-up itself: take the bag and give it as a free lunch to someone.

But who?

15 minutes later, I was in the parking lot of the grocery store when I saw this man, whose job is to pick up the carts from the parking lot and put them back in the store.

I thought he could use a sandwich.

So I walked to him and asked if he wanted to take it.

For seconds that lasted like a lifetime, he looked at the bag, looked at me, obviously wondering what kind of weirdo I was, hesitated, looked at the bag again.

He finally looked at me again and smiled: Thank you!

You’re welcome! I said.

And I whispered, hoping that Karma would hear: it’s from someone at Starbucks.


Happy for the remainder of my day 🙂

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  “Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.” Buddha         


I’m sure you don’t need me for that, but just in case, here a few ideas if you want to make someone happy for free:

  1. Let a fellow driver merge into your lane
  2. Offer to cook or clean for someone who has recently given birth
  3. Smile to people in the streets
  4. Donate your blood
  5. Pick up trash on the sidewalk
  6. Babysit their kids for a friends so that they can enjoy a free evening (afternoon)
  7. At the coffee place, talk to an elderly person who’s on their own
  8. Take lemonade or coffee to construction workers in your neighborhood
  9. Fast. And give the money you saved to someone.
  10. Send an email to someone telling them what makes them so special.

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