clean my car





1-2 hours



Depending on what category you fit in, I’m sure you have experienced at least one of the following. So you know how it feels when you:

  • Come back from a hike and your skin is covered by a gluey mix of sweat and dirt
  • Have been breastfeeding and couldn’t get time for a shower
  • Have been camping for a week with no bathroom in the 20 miles around you
  • Have been on a binge watching week-end, with no pause except to open the door for the delivery pizza
  • Haven’t waxed or shaved for a month or more

You feel heavy, sticky. And a bit disgusted.

When you finally get a chance (or decide) to wash, wax, shave or do whatever you need to do, you become:

Someone new,

Someone light,

Someone bright.

My friends, if my car could talk, I’m sure it would have kissed me, hugged me and performed a happy dance for me yesterday.

Because it can’t remember when was the last time I gave it a deep clean.

That’s why I fixed this.

The car looked good and I felt great: being in a clean car is much more pleasant experience than driving the closest relative to what the kids think is a trash can.

Plus, besides getting rid of tons and tons of candy papers, grocery store and parking receipts, coins you can not use in park meters, you might be able to find useful stuff, some of them you’ve been looking for for weeks:

  • Your glasses (I’ve been using my spare pair for 2 weeks now)
  • A tape dispenser you need to seal boxes for your customers
  • 6 invitations for a jazz concert coming in 2 weeks
  • A whistling mustache
  • Your daughters’ medical report

My friends, if you have 1 to 2 hours hours and you want to feel lighter, happy and find all your “lost and found” items, give a deep clean to your car.

It’s worth the time and the effort.



WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Marie Kondo


I have an easy test for you if you want to know if you car needs a deep clean.

When you’re in your car, imagine you’re with your boss (or someone you don’t know much). 

Imagine that person sitting right next to you.

Look around.

If you feel shame, know that the time has come 🙂 

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