go to a neighborhood festival





5 h



Yesterday, we left home at 1PM to go to Anacostia River Festival in Southeast DC.

You don’t know what this festival is?

I didn’t either.

All I knew is that the weather was gorgeous and that there was a River in the name of the festival.

It’s enough to make me happy.

When I got there I was even happier because:

  1. We found a parking spot less than a block from the main entrance. When this happens to you, you know the day is a good day.
  1. There was a bike parade and people who had a bike could take a beautiful hand painted fish-shaped flag. We didn’t have a bike. But we had Duderino’s stroller. And a stroller is like a bike, right? That convinced the lady with the fishes. And we got a colorful  flag too. Little things that makes you happy.
  1. There was a huge scene with local musicians and performances all afternoon. A DJ, bands, dancers, musicians, from DC, the Carribbean and other places. So we danced and sung and blew some steam off.
  1. In the middle of an alley, there was this little group of 4 jazz musicians. While Hubby was getting some food, Duderina and I sat on super comfy armchairs in the middle of the street, hats on, and listened to good jazz music under the sun.
  1. We took a selfie with Miss District of Columbia. Actually, from the stage where she was, Miss DC took a selfie with us and hundreds of other people. But still.
  1. Duderino danced, laughed and was so excited that he couldn’t sleep on our way back. At 7:30 PM, he fell asleep, knocked out for a 13-hour night.
  1. I went to bed with the impression that I had traveled far far away when I was only at a 35-minute drive from home.

And you know what? I was so busy with all that that t I didn’t make it to the river.

I forgot. (and if you forgot where the river was in this story, it’s normal. It’s exactly what happened to me yesterday).


WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Going to a festival is always fun. It’s a good opportunity to dance, hang out, play, walk barefoot, lay in the grass, get dirty with no one paying attention to you because everybody is doing the same.


Yesterday was double self-care because we all had fun and relaxed but also because Hubby organized the whole thing.

In all couples I know, one person is usually the Great Organizer.

That person is in charge of looking for vacation plans, cool restaurants, nice spots for having a drink, great parties to go to, etc.

Being that person is really cool: at the end of the day, you’re the one selecting the activities so you end up doing almost always what you want (hehehe)

But it has several down sides to it:

  1. It takes a lot of time and energy
  2. There is no surprise in what you’re doing. And surprises are fun.
  3. You’re less likely to discover new things because you do what you’re likely to like. But how can you know if you’re liking something if you don’t give it a chance?

So my advice, if you’re the Great organizer, step back from time to time and trust your partner (yeah, it sums up being about trust)


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