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Open your hearts my friends. And don’t be scared. Yesterday, I listened to the wind in the trees. And it spoke to me.

I went outside, where the sky was grey and the trees dancing.

I sat. And listened.

There were people in the breeze.

Believe me, my friends, it’s true.

I didn’t hear their voices but the swirls of the wind brought me their laughter.

I didn’t see their faces but there were babies and grandpas, and moms and dads.

I didn’t know them but I wasn’t scared.

And then I stopped. Am I crazy?

No, I’m not.

I’m just thinking, listening to the wind in the trees.

To the people who were here before there were houses, streets, shops and traffic lights.

I let my heart join them.

And when I had enough, I went back home.

Before sleeping, I wanted to go back to them again.

So I imagined I was a bird, flying in the wind.

Going through valleys, forests, and rivers I’d never seen before.

And I fell asleep.

When I woke up this morning, I found this beautiful quote from Chief Seattle* and I knew who was with me yesterday. When I was listening to the wind in the trees.

“Our dead never forget this beautiful world that gave them being. They still love its verdant valleys, its murmuring rivers, its magnificient mountains, sequestred vales and verdant lined lakes and bays, and ever yearn in tender fond affection over the lonely hearted living, and often return from the happy hunting ground to visit, guide, console and comfort them”. 



* Chief Seattle is a prominent native American leader, chief to the Duwamush people.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? “Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence. It speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.” Native American proverb.


Yesterday, I was listening to the wind in the trees. But there are plenty of other cool things you can do on a windy day:

  • Watch the clouds
  • Watch the leaves fall
  • Fly a kite
  • Watch the waves on the ocean
  • Let the wind play with your hair
  • Watch the high grass on a plain
  • Imagine you’re a bird and let the wind carry you
  • Go hang gliding
  • Walk against the wind and try to take off
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go Kite surfing
  • Stay in bed, under a warm blanket, windows open.

Any other ideas you want to share, my friends? Leave a comment and I’ll make sure to reply all.

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