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Because I’ve been working a lot lately, I’ve been sitting a lot.

And the last couple days, I’ve been feeling neck stiffness and shoulder pain.

I’m sure you’re familiar with both.

Because, we all spend way too much time sitting: working on our desks, having coffee with friends, going to the movies, having lunch….

And that we usually don’t have the right posture.

I’m no exception.

My screen is always too low and my neck always leaning forward.

So yesterday, as my act of self-care, I practiced a series of powerful stretching exercises to ease my pain. You can find them on the “More about this” section on the right of this post if you want to try them too.

But strechting to ease neck pain is curative. I’m really thinking about something preventive.

Something that will prevent me from having this pain in the future.

Having a better posture will help but I’m thinking about “standing working stations”. Working at standing desk stations has been a booming trends for the last couple years. But I was never really interested.

Now, I might give it a try.

There are a couple high tables at my Starbucks office and one of my coming act of self-care will be to try working standing on my feet for one day. 

Not sure I’ll be able to overcome my apprehension but if I do, I’ll tell you how it goes.

What about you? Have you ever tried standing working stations. I’m curious to know about your experience.

Love to all and thanks again!

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? Sitting, especially if you’re having a bad posture, affects your back, your neck and your shoulders. Releasing tensions through a series of stretching exercises is really an act of self-care to be done at least once a day.


If you’re having stiff neck and shoulder pain, I’ve tried this series of stretches that shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes total.  

After doing them yesterday, relief was almost instantaneous: I was able to go back to work for two more hours. Really worth trying. 

But if you’re looking for something to prevent neck and shoulder pain (instead of treating it) and if you sit a lot behind your screen, I recommend that you watch this 3-min video by Business Insider: 20 tricks for sitting at your desk without hurting your back 

Their tips are easy to follow and work for neck and shoulder pain too.

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