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Since I’ve started following The Self-Care Journey, I’ve been thinking a lot about what Self-Care means to me.

I think it’s about taking time to identify my own needs, my own deep desires and taking time to take care of them. By fulfilling them.

While thinking about what’s good for me, I realized that drawing is my Self-Care.

That’s why, a couple week ago, I’ve started an art project.

The theme is « Get it moving ». Now, I’m happy to share it with you.

I love art, it’s the best form of expression. Art clears my mind, and helps me express my true feelings. It’s my anchor. When I’m sad, happy or whatever I feel in the moment, art helps me.

I use it to canalize my energy. My art is my biggest power.

Through it, I realize how beautiful the world is.

When I look at someone or something, I scrutinize it. And every single time, I find beauty in it : every single person is different -different personality, different eyes…Every single person is unique, special. Beautiful.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE? “Art is creativity, creativity is passion, passion is love” Andrew Brynjulson

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