My dear friends, as you know, I’m on a 365-day self-care journey. Everyday, I share my experience with you and try to come up with simple and affordable self-care ideas for you to try.

One of my wishes is that anytime you’re low or lacking inspiration, you come here and pick up ideas that will make you feel better. If you feel better, then it’s double self-care for me.

First thing I want to tell you is that finding a self-care idea is easy. There are hundred ways to be good to myself: going to a Yin Yoga class, soaking my feet in warm water and essential oils, meeting up with friends, drawing with my daughter…

Picking up a different self-care idea every day is trickier.

When I started this journey in December 2016, I had 7 ideas of self-care.

But after a couple days, new ideas started popping in my head. The more I was sharing my experience, the more creative I got.

To keep them handy, I created a word document called “Self-Care Ideas” on my laptop. Whenever my friends or I think of a new idea, I add it to the list.

Once a week, usually on Sunday, I refer to this doc, pick up a few items and transfer them to a “list-of-the-week”.

This weekly list is very important because it guides and comforts me. Reading it is like watching an inspirational movie or listening to a great talk. It boosts my energy level and gives me the strength and desire to be good to myself.

But so far, I have never followed integrally a single list of the week. Why?

Because this is self-care. And self-care is about responding to my emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological needs of the day.

I can’t decide that I need to go for a run on Thursday and stick to it no matter what. What if I have a headache on Thursday? What if I’m on really tight deadlines? What if Duderina’s school calls me because she has a toothache and that I have to take care of her? What if, what if, what if.

My experience so far has shown me that self-care without flexibility isn’t self-care.

Everyday is different. Days change. And so do my needs.

So, before doing my self-care act of the day, I always question myself:
– Will this self-care idea bring value to my friends who are reading me?
– Does it fit in smoothly into my schedule?
– Does it feel right and good?

If the answer to all three questions is yes, then I go for it.

But the most important thing I want to tell you about how I pick up my self-care acts is something that I constantly need to remind myself: taking care of myself is about taking care of myself. 

It’s now also about blogging and sharing my experience with you guys, hoping that this journey will give you the desire to be good to yourselves too,

But I constantly need to remind myself to put the pressure off.

What pressure off?

  • The pressure of writing in good English, knowing that the language is not mine
  • The pressure of wanting to share only creative ideas
  • The pressure of sharing intimate stuff and wondering if I should do it or not
  • The pressure of writing something helpful or funny or meaningful that will give you the impression that I’m smart, spirited and deep 🙂

When such questions arise, I usually take a moment to process my emotions and remind myself of the essential: I’m taking care of myself. It’s good. And it’s enough. And that’s what self-care is about.

And that’s what I would encourage you to do: take care of yourself  the way YOU feel is right and good.

My dear friends, I hope my ideas bring value to your life and please keep sharing your ideas and inspiring me.

Love to all